【Additional purchase area】Other seasonings and accessories

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【Additional purchase area】Other seasonings and accessories


【Additional purchase area】A variety of other seasonings and accessories are available for customers to purchase according to their preferences CasusGrill Danish fire-free environmental protection grill (one-time use) 1 one-time burner and 2 packs of fruit charcoal 1 pack of fruit charcoal 1 food clip 1 food scissors 1 shotgun Liping plain soy sauce sweep 1 1 stick (50ml) of Li's own secret sauce 1 stick (50ml) of Li's own secret spicy sauce 1 stick (50ml) of our own secret rock salt 1 stick (50ml) of Li's own secret garlic powder *The above ingredients are only available for additional purchase by customers who order the Shenghe set meal, and cannot be purchased separately 【Additional purchase area】A variety of beef/mutton skewers and ingredients (such as beef tongue) https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/nGpbsG3b [Additional purchase area] A variety of pork skewers and ingredients (such as extremely high black pork belly) https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/n4ZiLNzf 【Additional purchase area】A variety of chicken skewers and ingredients (such as minced chicken sticks) https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/BNj4Uez7 [Additional purchase area] A variety of seafood ingredients (such as crab meat and crab paste kale) https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/c8q3kKTD 【Additional purchase area】Other vegetarian skewers and ingredients (such as cheese rice cakes) https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/2VFBa2yu 【Additional purchase area】Japanese soda https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/83eDpXeH Ready to cook, easy to use, and easy to enjoy Japanese skewer flavors at home or camping. Definitely suitable for Mid-Autumn Festival to feast on with friends and family! \Order and Delivery Details/ 1. Ordering Procedure Customers only need to complete the simple online ordering and payment procedures, and the company will notify you of the delivery status by phone/inbox. If the delivery status is "Delivery", it means that we have confirmed the shipment preparation. If the customer has not received the contact from the company, they can inbox for enquiry. 2. Stores to collect information Cut-off time: cut-off at 23:59 the day before self-pickup Pick-up time: Monday to Sunday 12:00 - 15:00 / 18:00 - 21:00 Pick up location: G/F, 44 Tin Kwong Road, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon 2. Delivery service Cut-off time: cut-off at 23:59 the day before delivery Delivery time: Monday to Sunday 15:00 - 19:00 (No designated time delivery arrangement) (In order to protect customers and delivery staff, due to the current epidemic situation, delivery staff will only arrange delivery downstairs.) 3. Shipping costs Customers can enjoy free delivery service for orders over HK$600; if the order amount is less than HK$600, they can also add HK$50 to enjoy delivery service. (If there is no free parking space at the delivery address, the customer needs to pay the parking fee for the first half hour or one hour (the lower) or go downstairs for settlement.) 4. Remote areas The delivery location does not include the "remote areas" below, please check the table below to determine if the delivery address is within the scope of delivery. Islands District: All Tuen Mun District: rural area of Tuen Mun Yuen Long District: Yuen Long Countryside, Pat Heung, Fairview Garden, San Tin, Pat Heung North District: Sheung Shui Countryside, Fanling Countryside, Ta Kwu Ling, Queen's Hill, Sha Tau Kok Tai Po District: Tai Po Rural Area, Plover Bay, Sam Mun Tsai Sai Kung District: Sai Kung Countryside, Sai Kung North, Sai Sha Road Other remote areas: such as fenced villages, legal restricted areas, some village houses, etc. \Precautions/ ▶Customers must ensure that the consignee's phone number and address are correct. If the recipient cannot be contacted during the delivery process or the delivery cannot be processed within the delivery time, it means that the customer allows the deliveryman to place the ingredients you ordered. At the lobby or management office of the designated delivery location (or the nearest delivery location), and the delivery process is deemed to be completed. The company does not guarantee that the quality of the ingredients will be maintained under the proper storage temperature after delivery. The company will not be responsible for the deterioration of the food. ▶If the delivery address does not have a lobby or the management office refuses to accept it, the delivery person will take back the goods, and the delivered goods will not be resent. ▶Because the company has no right and responsibility to verify the identity of the recipient, it can only ask the recipient to sign for confirmation. The company is not responsible for any loss caused by the customer's request to place the goods outside the door or at the management office. ▶If the delivery address does not have a lift, the customer needs to go to the lobby or downstairs for delivery. ▶If the delivery address is in a rural area, the customer must go to the designated location for delivery, such as the village house or village oral delivery. \Special case/ ▶Due to unpredictable circumstances such as weather or epidemic, the delivery may be suspended or delayed. \Customer changes order information/ ▶If the delivery information needs to be changed after the order is confirmed, the customer must contact the inbox at least one day in advance during business hours. Temporary changes to delivery locations are subject to additional surcharges. ▶The delivery service may be suspended or postponed due to weather, traffic, region or other factors. The delivery time will be arranged separately, and a special person will follow up. ▶Because some ingredients are purchased fresh on the same day, the content of the order may be affected by the availability. If the company fails to provide any product or service on the order, the company will notify the customer before delivery or pickup. \Incorrect order content/ ▶It is recommended that customers count the quantity of goods with the deliveryman when receiving the goods. If there is any omission or wrong quantity, please contact us. \Customer changes delivery information/ ▶If the delivery information needs to be changed after the order is confirmed, the customer must make a request at least one day in advance during business hours. Temporary changes to delivery locations are subject to additional surcharges. \Separately set up a special area for Shenghe / Pinkoi x Ritual Mid-Autumn Festival Limited Two-person Pre-Life Skewers Shenghe X Charcoal Robatayaki Product link: https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/JrNr5hpE Pinkoi x Ritual Mid-Autumn Festival Limited Four-person Pre-Life Skewers Shenghe X Charcoal Rotoratayaki Product link: https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/PgwuAgww ▶Order cut-off time: cut-off at 23:59 the day before self-pickup ▶Delivery time: Monday to Sunday 15:00 - 19:00 \Opening steps/ 1. The customer assembles the cardboard tray by himself. 2. Put 8 to 10 pieces of fruit charcoal on the foil tray 3. Light the fruit charcoal with a lighter for about 5 seconds for each charcoal. (Please do not touch the fruit charcoal with your hands when burning) 4. After the charcoal is heated, there will be a little fire on the surface, and it can be used after the white smoke has dissipated. \Precautions when eating/ * It is recommended to use it in a well-ventilated environment. There is a certain amount of light smoke when starting the furnace, which will dissipate naturally in about 5 minutes. * There are ventilation holes next to the paper tray for heat dissipation, do not block. * The tin foil tray is placed on the paper tray, and a space of about 1 cm should be reserved at the bottom for heat dissipation. * The cardboard tray has a certain amount of heat when used. It is not recommended to use it on materials that are easily heated, such as plastic table tops or bamboo mats. * Fruit charcoal (2 packs) can be used for about 100 minutes. If you need to add charcoal, you can first crush the embers of the fruit charcoal, and then put a new fruit charcoal. Do not overlap the fruit charcoal to avoid excessive heat concentration. * After the meal, please pour an appropriate amount of water on the tin foil tray to ensure that the fruit charcoal is completely extinguished before disposal. This BBQ set requires the use of fire for cooking, which contains certain safety risks. Please ensure that the edible space has sufficient ventilation system, please watch over children when using it, and do not touch the fire to avoid accidents.


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[Additional purchase area] A variety of other seasonings and accessories are available for customers to increase the price according to their preferences


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