【เวิร์คช็อป】【Beginner】Angel’s Tears·Jiaming Lake·Four days and three nights

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Follow the Taiwan 368 from entering the mountain to respecting the mountain and loving the mountain. During the itinerary, climbing skills, knowledge and beautiful cultural background will be shared, so that travelers can fully experience the local culture and record the beauty of Taiwan. This itinerary is [Beginner Mountaineering Series] If it is the first time to climb Baiyue, it is strongly recommended to participate in the [Novice Mountaineering Series]
17/06/2021 (พฤ
活動日 10 天前需付款完成
ไต้หวัน / Taichung City
ก่อนเริ่มเวิร์คช็อป 15 นาที
18 ปีขึ้นไป
  • ถูกชม 6,741 ครั้ง
  • จำหน่ายไปแล้ว 3 ชิ้น
  • มี 423 คนถูกใจ



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【เวิร์คช็อป】【Beginner】Angel’s Tears·Jiaming Lake·Four days and three nights


**・Please provide [Line ID] when you place your order, and allow ID to join friends. Someone will send you a message inviting you to join the Line group and arrange the group information. After filling in the group information, the registration will be successful!** **·caution! This itinerary is [Beginner Mountaineering Series] If you are a friend who climbs Baiyue for the first time, it is strongly recommended to participate in the [Novice Mountaineering Series] and other physical conditions and physical conditions. Be familiar with the environment of the mountains, and master the pace of breathing and uphill. Go ahead and challenge this route, otherwise you will be really miserable.** **・This is a lottery route 30 days ago. Registration does not mean that the group will be confirmed. You need to wait for the winning to confirm the group. The result will be announced in the line group.** The Tsou and Bunun peoples also run across the Central Mountains, overlapping hunting grounds, and have had many fierce wars The Tsou, who was good at fighting in mountains, once expanded to Xiangyang Mountain, and the Bunun finally launched an all-out counterattack in Jiaming Lake. Finally repelled the Tsou at Jiaming Lake, and the Tsou never crossed Xiangyang Mountain. Hunting trails of the Bunun people, passing by Jie Maosi Mountain, clear bottom camps, green volleyball courts, football fields, and golf course camps. Until I cross the 3355 Peak and see Jiaming Lake, there will always be a feeling of enthusiasm. Although he is not from Bunun, he is at least a child born and raised on this treasure island. Every time I go to Jiaming Lake, I always think in my heart, we have the blood of loving Taiwan! https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50805169318_41b5a1dae8_b.jpg **Signing up means agreeing to the following terms. Please be sure to carefully read the following activities and climbing equipment descriptions, and carefully evaluate your own abilities before registering!** **▶ Itinerary planning** From Taipei, you can take the No. 1 Express Bus to Puyuma at 06:40 on the same day and arrive at Chishang Station at 10:31. (You need to grab the ticket by yourself. If you don’t get it, now Puyuma sells 200 station tickets per shift, and you must buy them all) 11:00 meet at Chishang Railway Station (lunch at your own expense) 14:30 Mountain climbing entrance in Xiangyang Recreation Area 16:30 Xiangyang Mountain House 17:00 Dinner (provided by Xiangyang Mountain House) Day 2 06:00 Wake up for breakfast (provided by Xiangyang Mountain House) 07:00 Depart from Xiangyang Mountain House 08:30 Rest and take pictures at Heishuitang camp 10:00 Xiangyang Jiaming Lake fork road 10:30 Xiangyang collapsed 11:30 Xiangyangshan Sancha Road (lunch at your own expense) 13:00 Xiangyang Mountain Baiyue (You can put the equipment at the entrance and install it lightly) 16:00 Jiaming Lake Mountain House 17:00 Dinner (provided by Jiaming Lake Mountain House) Day3 (walk 8.4 kilometers today) 01:30 Get up 02:00 Wake up for breakfast (provided by Jiaming Lake Mountain House) 02:30 Departure 05:00 Watch the sunrise and take photos at Jiaming Lake 09:00 Sancha Mountain 12:00 Jiaming Lake Mountain House (lunch at your own expense) 17:00 Dinner (provided by Jiaming Lake Mountain House) (In order to prevent novice climbers from having high altitude sickness, it is recommended to do a high degree of adaptation in the Xiangyang Mountain House on the first day.) Day 4 05:00 Wake up for breakfast 06:00 Depart from Jiaming Lake Mountain House 08:30 Xiangyang Mountain House 11:00 Xiangyang Recreation Area (lunch at your own expense) 14:00 Chishang Railway Station **-Failed to win the lottery to change to Jiaming Lake from Maosi (camping route)-** Day1 11:00 meet at Chishang Railway Station (lunch at your own expense) 13:30 Jie Maosi mountain pass (1,883M) 14:10 Jie Maosi Mountain Front Peak (2,065M) 16:10 Jie Maosi Mountain (2,510M) 17:30 Set up a camp at Xinwuluxi (2,208M) Day2 06:00 Wake up early for breakfast 07:00 Depart from Xinwuluxi Camp 11:00 Arrive at the football camp (2,769M) 15:30 Arrive at Jiaming Lake Hunting Camp, the altitude has reached 3130 meters, and many unexpected surprises can be found on the way 16:30 Time for fragrant dinner 17:00 Set up an abandoned hunting lodge that night Day3 03:00 Wake up for breakfast 04: 00 Depart from Jiaming Lake Hunting Camp 04:40 The natural and quiet Jiaming Lake sister pool 06:00 Watch the sunrise at Jiaming Lake (3,310M) 07:30 Sancha Mountain (Baiyue, 3,496M) 08:00 Departure and return 10:00 Depart from Jiaming Lake Hunting Camp 17:30 Set up the Xinwuluxi camp Day 4 06:00 Wake up for breakfast 07: 00 departure 11:00 Jie Maosi mountain front peak 12:00 Jie Maosi mountain climbing pass 14:00 Chishang Railway Station **▶ Activities include** ・Traffic: Chishang Railway Station-Climbing Exit Round-trip shuttle ・Meals: Day1 dinner, Day2 breakfast and dinner, Day3 breakfast and dinner, Day4 breakfast ・Accommodation: three nights stay in mountain house or tent (one account for three persons, separate account for men and women), sleeping bag In this trip, tents and sleeping bags are provided by the package meal cooperation. The members do not need to carry or carry on their backs. However, because the cooperative sleeping bags are placed on the mountain for a long time, some sleeping bags may be used frequently and may be poorly maintained, or they may be used too much. If you have health and warmth considerations, the editor recommends that you can bring your own (recommended comfortable temperature is -5 degrees) or take it on your own after renting with the company, otherwise the temperature at night will drop and the sleeping bag will not be warm, and it will really be cold squeak. ・Others: team leader fee, mountaineering insurance, other administrative expenses, mountain pass, mountain house application ・Self-care: lunch on four days **▶ Precautions for activities** ・Please pay attention to the weather information before departure. The weather in mountainous areas changes frequently. The temperature difference between morning and evening and the further up the mountain will increase. It is recommended to wear onion style. Please add more moisture during the day when the weather is hot, and the weather becomes cold at night, please remember to keep warm to avoid discomfort. ・During the journey, unless the leader or guide has special arrangements, please do not leave the team ahead of the team or deliberately fall behind. For the safety of all partners, let the leader and guide stay by your side. ・If you are worried, afraid, or doubtful at any time, and encounter terrain that you dare not pass through, please inform the leader or guide and ask them for assistance. ・Please bring your own garbage bags. Please take away used toilet paper, wet tissues or sanitary napkins by yourself. Please do not throw them away at will to damage the natural ecology. If you have the heart, you can do your part by picking up the garbage you see on the way down the mountain. ・For beginners who are not yet comfortable with the climbing schedule and those who are not familiar with the equipment, remember to do what you can. It is recommended that the total weight of the backpack (including the backpack itself, mobile water, lunch, and mobile food) be controlled below 8 kg. ・It is recommended to bring a minimum of 1000cc of water. Each person is used to drinking different amounts, so please make your own discretion. It is recommended to bring a thermos or heat-resistant container to hold water ・Please remember to bring a certificate that can prove your personal identity. This is used to verify the identity of the person entering the mountain. If you are a foreign partner, please remember to bring the original passport. ・Before departure, if you are afraid that mountain sickness may occur, you can go to the hospital to go to the medical department and take Danmus to eat to prevent the occurrence of mountain sickness in advance. **・Please train yourself before you start. The training direction should focus on the cardiopulmonary and muscle strength, such as running, swimming, heavy training, and squatting.** **・Please carefully evaluate your abilities before registering** ・The safety of this trip is the first consideration, implement Wuhenshan Forest, and be a child who loves nature together! ・In the process of climbing, if you feel unwell or if anything happens, please inform the leader or guide as soon as possible, and do not put yourself in danger by bracing yourself. ・If you have any questions in the itinerary, please inform the leader at any time, we will do our best to provide the best service. ・Outdoor activities are a special itinerary. It is necessary to draw lots to apply for entry into the park, and the personnel cannot be replaced after winning the lot. Therefore, the tourism industry stereotyped contract is not applicable, please be considerate. ・10-14 days before the start of the itinerary, we will publish the pre-departure manual, equipment rental statistics, pre-departure time and location, and detailed route introduction articles in the Line group ・Please follow the command of the team leader during the event and do not leave the team without authorization. Due to personal physical fitness, safety and team return time, everything is based on the principle of team leader command. If you leave the team without permission and do not listen to dissuasion, the expenses and legal liabilities incurred shall be borne by the person leaving the team. ・Understand that climbing high mountains and engaging in outdoor hiking activities are potentially dangerous, and accidents can cause injury or death. During the trip, the coach will do his best to take care of all the team members and ensure their safety, but the team members’ personal negligence caused casualties (such as accidental slips, falls, slips) that are not attributable to Taiwan 368 Co., Ltd. ・**Before registering, you should make sure that you are in good health, suitable for climbing mountains and hiking in the wild, people with heart disease, fear of heights, high blood pressure, pregnancy, etc., and those who are not suitable for tourism and outdoor activities. Or those who are too young and physically unable to complete the trip alone, please do not sign up.** ・During the itinerary, if a partner has a situation that could endanger life and safety, the whole team shall advance and retreat together without any objection, and because the climbing team is legally [Dangerous Community], the whole team should advance and retreat together! ・All photos taken during the itinerary are agreed to be used by Taiwan 368 Co., Ltd. **▶ Mountaineering equipment description** **The equipment listed here must be brought together, because it is very important!** 【Mountaineering equipment】 Large hiking backpack (45-60L, backpack cover), top attack bag (15-20L), trekking poles, headlights (above 120 lumens), sleeping mat (if camping) 【Clothes】 Wear: moisture-wicking thin short-sleeved (bottom layer), bristle jacket (middle layer), down jacket (warm layer), waterproof and windproof jacket (outer layer), hiking pants or compression pants, hiking shoes (if new shoes are recommended) You have to go through first, let your feet adapt), sun hat 【Other personal items】 Drinking water, personal environmentally friendly tableware, personal medicine, health insurance card, mobile power supply, spare battery, towel, toothbrush, toilet paper, personal lunch (bread, sandwich or rice ball), mobile food (chocolate, biscuits, nuts, dried meat), slippers (Walk all day to relax your feet!) *Bring: Warm clothing (down jacket, please do not wear it when walking), spare clothing, two-section raincoat (light raincoat is not allowed), woolen cap (high mountain head warmth occupies a very important role), headscarf *Remarks: No matter the climate in summer or winter, the temperature in high mountains is still obviously low, so keeping warm will not easily cause mountain sickness. Also, because everyone has different feelings about temperature, please take the responsibility of wearing and carrying clothes according to your own physical conditions. ・If the equipment they carry is not enough to complete the itinerary, as well as those who endanger the safety of the individual or the team, the leader guide has the right to request to evacuate and accompany them. ・Please be sure to bring a raincoat, and it must be a two-piece raincoat. Lightweight raincoats are not allowed, and cloak-style raincoats are not recommended. The easiest way is to buy two-piece raincoats for motorcycles, which can be purchased at the Locomotive Department. **・Shoes should be brook shoes or wet shoes as much as possible (it is necessary to wading for the whole journey).** ・Please try to avoid wearing pure cotton clothing and jeans. Both clothing materials have strong water absorption but are not easy to dry. Wet clothing can easily cause movement restrictions and may also take away body heat and cause loss of temperature. ・Down jackets are very warm and good, but they are very afraid of water (including sweat and mist in the air). If you bring down jackets, please do not wear them while walking. You can put them on after arriving at the camp. ・Mountain sleeping mat is a proper term. Do not use yoga mats or picnic mats as climbing sleeping mats. Sleeping mats are not comfortable for you to sleep, so please don’t think that you can sleep on hard beds without the function of sleeping mats. It is to isolate the cold of the floor. If you don’t use a sleeping pad, your sleeping bag may be cold no matter how warm it is ・Trekking poles can be used to balance the center of gravity and reduce the burden on the body by 30% (the steep up and down terrain can protect your knees more). ・Please bring headlights. Don’t even think about bringing a flashlight. If you want to bring a flashlight, please turn off the flashlight during dinner and have a meal. If you find it convenient, you can bring it. ・Regardless of whether it rains or not, please make your hiking backpack waterproof. Don't think that having a backpack rain cover is equivalent to waterproofing (he doesn't cover it all...), please put it in an empty hiking backpack like a trash bag in a trash can The same, start to plug the equipment after the set, so that it has the function of waterproofing ・Do not use detergents as much as possible on the mountain, such as facial cleanser, toothpaste, and dishwashing liquid. Brushing your teeth is mainly dry brushing. It is a rare opportunity to experience being a wild child for two days.




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