[Dance good tea] summer | natural farming: honey sweet tea 75g

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[Dance good tea] summer | natural farming: honey sweet tea 75g


https://c2.staticflickr.com/6/5789/23391626483_c1800fb311_b.jpg Pang tea honey black tea Origin: Oolong - Hualien Wuhe large leaves Oolong Contents: loose tea Weight: 25g Tea species: large leaf oolong The best taste period: the Dragon Boat Festival after the Mid-Autumn Festival (summer) Tea color: bright dark red Tea shape: Strip type Taste aroma: aroma unrestrained, cheerful, lively taste smooth after taste with honey fragrance, acid, baked sweet and sour tea rhyme Baking degree: light fire Hou all fermented black tea Every year the Lunar Festival Dragon Boat Festival before and after the Mid-Autumn Festival, Wuchu platform small green leafhopper breeding is very dense, small green leafhopper take tea tree juice (salivation), tea tree self-defense system, immediately exudes a strong floral or honey, Small hornets, red spider and other small green leafhopper natural enemies to protect their tea tender sow juice from eating, eating their own ability to cure, resulting in leaf "tea polyphenols" increased activity and "tea tannin" content increased , Coupled with the bitten tea leaves on the small green leafhopper saliva, and then after fermentation production, resulting in a unique honey fragrance. The soup is bright and dark red (amber), with natural honey flavor and cooked fruit, unique honey contains floral dietary. In order to increase the chance of insect bites, honey fragrant tea does not sprinkle pesticides, tea and cicadas to create a natural symbiotic non-toxic tea garden, in order to improve the quality of tea. Piano and the taste of the song Honey fragrant black tea need to be small green leaf cicada bites can be made, so during the growth of tea, can not spray pesticides, is a natural ecological tea, 4 pounds of buds can only produce 1 kg of finished products, non-toxic natural. It is different from the oriental beauty tea, the tea garden honey honey tea made oval to kill the steps, to retain the natural enzymes and natural pectin, other black tea bitter Shang Wei, not Shangwei, micro-enzyme helps to enhance metabolism and environmental The **Tea bag*Mug hot bubble method ** A pack of tea bags 2. Add 300ml of hot water into the mug 3. Wait for 1-3 minutes to drink (the second bubble for 3-5 minutes) **Tea*mug hot bubble method ** 1. Take the dry tea spoon to take the tea dry 4g 2. In the mug into the hot water 300ml 3. Wait 5 minutes after drinking **Tea*Tea pot Kung Fu bubble method ** 1. Prepare the teapot 150ml 2. Take dry tea spoon to take tea tea 6g 3. After boiling, cool down to 90 ° C hot water 4. soak time: the first bubble 1 minute / second bubble 0.5 minutes / third bubble 1 minute / fourth bubble 1.5 clock / fifth bubble for 2 minutes. **Tea bag*cold kettle cold bubble method ** A bag of tea 2. In the container into the room temperature 600ml cold water 3. Frozen 4 to 8 hours, you can drink Tea * cold kettle cold bubble method 1. Take the dry teaspoon to take tea dry 3g 2. In the container into the room temperature cold water 600ml 3. refrigerated 4 to 8 hours, you can drink Taste the opportunity Breakfast tea, afternoon tea, anytime of the day, summer cold foam, autumn and winter heat bubble kung fu bubble [Peace of mind declaration] 1) 100% Taiwan produced a single product of tea: each tea can clearly know which tea farmers effort, but also can be traced back to which piece of land results. 2) Each quarter of the new tea production, will be sent to the SGS test to Taiwan, the European Union and Japan's national standard to do 426 pesticide residue test, through the test to obtain a report can become a good tea (SGS) for internationally recognized Neutral professional certification body) ‧ Test: No pesticide residue test by SGS426 ‧ the best taste period: each batch of tea is not the same, before ordering welcome through the station information asked Oh! Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan Hualien


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