Institute espresso urban bike is white high cross section

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gearlab เยื่ยมชมสตูดิโอ

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ภายใน 1 อาทิตย์
Institute espresso urban bike is white high cross section


/ Commodity Description and story /
espresso with a flexible handling small wheel diameter and 20 inches in the transmission system is more suitable for urban traffic conditions, ride and go riding in the narrow space of the city is also easy storage, access to the elevator is also very easy. Unlike the market, mostly Westerners frame design, we designed according to the patent Asians stature frame, with mo-shaped handle, allows you to use a comfortable position, even longer car ride. Most frames using robust steel material, after several tests, the frame and a good combination of a small wheel diameter is currently available rare combination.

Security is a major consideration of urban cycling, give up on hand and Biking misfits and troublesome traditional locks, we will lock and body integration, not only the whole car style uniform, is also more convenient to use; firmly seated in front of the glove frame, no matter how faucet rotation are not affected, enhance security, large compartment space can be easily placed in 15-inch laptop, go buy it is no problem! There are many on the market will not find espresso design ingenuity, like our limited production for each customer exclusive Yaopai worth to you to find out, to savor.

espresso perfectly embodies the philosophy of both style and utility, with your bicycle from a start, leading to a broader better city life.

/ Size, size, size, weight /
Brand: Advantech are GEARLAB
Origin: Taiwan (Taiwan)
Style: GEARLAB espresso white high cross section
Front shelf: 42cm x 35cm x 21cm, equivalent to 15 inches can be placed on the size of the object computer bag
Carton size: 155cm x 22cm x 82cm

Accessories Specifications / Material:
Wheel diameter: 20 inches (40.6cm x 1.5cm)
Tires: milky white Cream Colour
FRONT HUB: grinding electric hub (Sturmey Archer X-FDD)
Transmission system: 5 segment shift (Sturmey Archer -RD5)
Hand: Leather Grip
Cushion: Brooks B67
Chain cover: The exclusive Advantech full wrap-around chain cover
Light: Drum mill power LED lights
Taillights: After sheeting integrated LED lamp
Bell: Two Tone Bell Sound
Wire Lock: Advantech The patent frame integrated cable lock, stainless steel wire

/ Operate and maintain /
Please refer to the product manual

/ Designer and brand profile /
Advantech The GEARLAB team members are idealists who love outdoor activities, members of the object itself is the direct use of products, for the design of the product has the most direct experience with the demand, the desired reaction directly reflected in product design. Apartments design in life, but also live in apartment design.

Urban evolution, new forms of pedestrians, with a bicycle to start living the city. Advantech With the GEARLAB passion for cycling team members to simultaneously as bicycle enthusiasts and designer's perspective, lead us a glimpse of urban bike style.

Origin / manufacturing methods

Delivery: Delivery is cycling Institute
Site pick up the car:
Since bicycle goods, bulky, high transport costs, to provide you with the most affordable price and service, and to avoid scratches and forth transporting goods caused inconvenience to the parties, in order to ensure that your consumer rights, after the purchase order confirmation, 10 days ( excluding Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays) will be someone to contact you pick matters, we take delivery of the vehicle site, but also tell you about the precautions and maintenance mode should ride, and then if you feel that this car does not meet your needs We can live immediately refund, you do not bear any of the costs, please do feel at ease network order!
Service: One year warranty except consumables and man-made damage.


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