Green Wonder - All Natural Crystal Green Ghost 925 Silver Handkerchief Hong Kong Original Design

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Natural Green Ghost Sterling Silver Handcuffs Green Phantom Silver Bracelet



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Green Wonder - All Natural Crystal Green Ghost 925 Silver Handkerchief Hong Kong Original Design


**Natural Green Ghost Sterling Silver Handcuffs**
**Green Phantom Silver Bracelet**
Develop unlimited opportunities. Create a successful life
**The Miracle of the Green**

Color: Green
Origin: Brazil
Chemical formula: Sio2
Hardness: 7
Material: Natural Green Ghost, 925 Sterling Silver (International Standard Grade 925)
Size: 8mm ball diameter
(Spar is polished by hand and has a difference of +/- 0.2)
***shop uses natural spar and minerals to ensure that it is 100% natural and genuine;**

**Green Ghost**
**Green Phantom**
The green ghost is a kind of energy stone in "phantom crystal". The spar shows a pyramidal lamellar crystal inside. From the perspective of the other side, the material, volcanic ash and mud ore contained in the spar are sharply tapered along the crystal shape. Its sharp-tapered marks resemble the shape of a pyramid, so it can be called a pyramid. The "Spectacular" crystal and the Pyramid Spectre Crystal are the best in the best. Their functions are even more powerful. . These layers of crystals, such as landscapes or illusions, are also called "Thousands of Mirage" crystals. This kind of spar constantly repeats the process of growing and stopping growth. It can change the stagnation of things. It leads us to overcome many difficulties in our life, to bring about growth in our body and mind, and to treat emotional pain. It is to promote The stone of rebirth.
In addition, the Green Ghost can raise awareness, cultivate positive action, and can increase individual's hunger for challenges, be brave in confronting new things, strengthen curiosity, and strengthen the sense of ownership. It has created careers and wealth to enable people to master destinies and create opportunities. It was called “Green Green Hope” in ancient times; its energy can coordinate physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions, and it has heart, lungs, and respiratory system. The efficacy of treatment.

**Measuring handcuffs**
- Use a soft ruler to place the wrist behind the bone
- No need to tighten or reserve space
- Measure it gently on your hand
- The designer will adjust the length of the bracelet for you
- Please use cm to measure more accurately
**- Extra charge if more than 16cm**

**Product maintenance**
- Brush silver cloth and moisture-proof bag
- Brush silver cloth to brighten sterling silver, but silver cloth cannot be washed with water
- Silver also cannot be washed with silver wash water
- When it is not worn, it can be put into a moistureproof bag and it can be used for oxidation prevention
- Take a shower and sleep
- The spar must be purified to maintain the effect of spar energy
- If the bracelet is damaged in the future, it can be sent back for repair

**<Product Service>**
By mail:
There are two mailing methods for delivery to Taiwan:-
1. Registered mail: -
- You can receive approximately 5-8 working days from Hong Kong
2 SF Express: -
- Received from Hong Kong for approximately 2-4 days to receive

Send to Malaysia by mail:-
1. Registered mail: -
- You can receive approximately 7-10 working days from Hong Kong
2 SF Express: -
- You can receive from Hong Kong about 3-6 days
**- Extra shipping charges, please contact the designer**

Other countries mailing time: -
- Please contact the designer to calculate the time


Since ancient times, spars have had an important influence on people's lives, and their richer connotations and implications remain to be discovered. Based on the modern science of seeking truth from facts and seeking truth from facts, many high-end medical instruments are manufactured using the oscillations or light waves generated by the piezoelectric effect of crystals. In addition, the spar's energetics has a certain role in the healing of spiritual healing. It uses the energy magnetic field induction of spar to benefit the body's chakra operation to enhance the individual's energy field. For a long time, people believe that spar has a regulating and protecting effect on emotions, spirits, physical conditions, and the surrounding environment.
In addition, the spar has a feeling of seeing things and feelings, and their shape and color can extend the mind in the subconscious mind. People can try to use the body to touch the crystal to enter into a state of communication with it; and the information conveyed by the consciousness becomes a transmitter of a positive frequency, and a current is emitted from the brain. This electric current is transformed into a belief and closely affects the interaction between the body and the heart. .
Founded in 2002, crystalplus's physical store has been focusing on natural materials, carefully studying the characteristics of spars, and designing different jewelry through “seeking, discovering, balancing, and coordinating” attitudes, breaking through the common design patterns. With different techniques and original styles, it integrates the changes in modern life and conveys deeper design concepts. Our gem designer, aqua, has been engaged in spar-related work for a long time, often exploring the characteristics of different spar interactions, and using different colors, changes in spar properties, and then to match each other; The combination of science, science and aesthetics brings with it a layered and richly coloured design, combined with sophisticated technology, to create new ideas and designs.


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