NERO FRANNINI ruffian Paper Series <small earphone storage Leather bags> This leather calfskin / lily white (without strap)

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NERO FRANNINI ruffian Paper Series &lt;small earphone storage Leather bags&gt; This leather calfskin / lily white (without strap)


Works Creative /
Headphone coil wires can withhold good storage after stationary scattered, taken out again a few use the ear wires are not easily tie!
With hanging hole, with neck and shoulder strap (sold separately) or a short wrist strap (sold separately), you can hang the headphones on the chest pouch, wrist or bag.

Works Features /
NERO FRANNINI leather workers creative design element is a small thing, the idea of convenience accessories for the traveler, each piece must meet the maximum visual and taste! The pursuit of creative fun design type ~ In addition to practical, easy to use but also to make people love to use.
NERO FRANNINI small objects featured leather leather manufacturers in Italy and Germany as the production of leather, leather used every inch of the same well-known brands in Europe, the leather tanning plant use, so the leather texture and feel the same, each piece of leather products are a moment of choice.
Leather cutting, surface finishing, sheet edge trimming, the overall fit with the ring clinch - all the steps by the designer or hand sewing each stitch to slow on sewing needles, accessories, buckles or choose MIT imported alloy or copper plating material, resistant to long-term use without worries iron rust problem!

Italy or Germany, a limited number of imported leather and leather items selected meager amount, in case of lack of color will be extremely difficult to supplement the lack of material, the whole series of works only "limited edition."

For new wedding, birthday gift, promotion gift, Jinian Li, it is important to treat their own reward gift!

Material /
Italian or German made leather (cattle or calves or sheep)
Taiwan imported or manufactured metal accessories

Notes /
● natural leather surface often have wrinkles, uneven surface staining, brand mark, leather texture or grain are not the same gap is too large, with the natural belong to a leather, leather will be different because the use of the site, there are slight differences in both cortical is a normal phenomenon.
● dyeing leather tanned in different ways, some of the special needs of dyed leather will vary with use, so the surface is not waterproof, in case of water spray droplets please pat dry with a dry cloth, do not use stick case of stains water or solvent vigorously rub a damp cloth to avoid damage to the leather surface.
● When the back of a leather manufacturer LOGO, mark, QC mark visible, non-surface damage are normal.


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