French handmade Midnight Blue Tower

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colorcode เยื่ยมชมสตูดิโอ

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French handmade Midnight Blue Tower


I remember there was a vendor to visit us and see the partners are making Tapie, he looked at us strangely said: "?? You with the best of Taiwan's current oil imports, and to squeeze Tapie Tapie still pinching myself." The partner quietly but with a firm tone said to him: "Yes!" Perhaps in the eyes of others, we seem silly, but this is what we want to adhere to.
We specially selected AOC areas isigny cream imported from France, let Tapie outer crisp, rich natural butter aroma, carefully developed almond stuffing and use grease characteristic almond filling, so that the inner humid Tapie, shortening and quit.
Into the middle of vanilla sauce and fresh milk blueberry jam, stick with handmade boiled, unsweetened, nor any drop to add parts to keep the natural taste of blueberries are small, and put on an a carefully selected New Zealand import of fresh small blueberries, emitting a light fragrance, sweet and sour taste good taste.

☛ top French AOC certification, "according to Massini Isigny Ste Mère" to the natural environment from Norman nurture high-quality natural cream, won seven times in Paris, "French Agricultural Contest" award.

☛ ranch direct delivery of fresh eggs with Confidence
From Jiayi Mu field from three decades of uninterrupted intentions of work, insist on not adding any drug conscience ranch, through SGS, HACCP, ISO22000 certification and other countries.

☛ import Madagascar vanilla pod
Bourbon Vanille Bourbon vanilla folder
Natural vanilla pods mellow, floral flavor with rich cocoa flavor, natural vanilla, unlike the general synthetic flavors!

☛ fresh blueberries
New Zealand air using fresh blueberries, each one is very full and fresh state, fresh blueberries are fruits containing the highest amounts of antioxidants, such as anthocyanins antioxidants, vitamin C, E, A, etc., can enhance the immune system strong, and exudes a light aroma, sweet and sour taste

About Color C'ode

September 2013, "Color C'ode" a three floor size of the dream dessert shop was born.
We want through hard to make a delicious dessert, so that all who tasted through the taste buds, with color like a happy mood, so this name is "Color C'ode." Hope to bring you a simple taste buds experience,
Ingredients belonging to the most authentic taste, we insist on quality through research and development and intentions, passing happiness and joy.

Carefully selected ingredients and insist on quality
Color C'ode ingredients selected by a group of engineering methods and production partners adhere very composed, whenever Color C'ode team in setting the same product, will be thought about whether we ourselves are willing to eat food, or to himself family and friends, eat, this is our insistence for products, customers feel the same way, to every customer seen our family to take care of.

We have carefully selected direct-relief ranch eggs, stick with the artificial way, the dolphin will take out the yolk protein and desserts, to make sure we eat into the mouth food sources safe. The process of making desserts, the only producer able to convey the intentions for dessert, so we insist on hand-made, through the spiritual heritage of French desserts temperature and human emotion of life, the pursuit of detail and level the match, but also in the ingredients pay attention to the selection of seasonal fruit origin, the French world, enjoy dessert is no burden, so we are particularly with less sugar ratio, in line with the new trend of the public on healthy eating, with the most authentic flavor ingredients, transfer simple delicious and happiness.


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