Not for replenishment! ZIMMA-Stereo Two-Way Microphone Beech (Two Colors) Exclusive iPhone SE / 5 Series / 4 Series / iPod Touch 5 Use (i6 Above models are not available, Android is not available)


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  • Department Store display of welfare products - Subtle surface defects !!! Not allowed to return (some slight scratches the goods, those who can not accept do not buy ~)

    Exclusive iPhone SE / 5s / 5 / 5c / 4s / 4 / iPod Touch 5 and other seven models to use
    PS. Do not pet cheap, i6 above models are not available, Android is not available








    ZIMMA's story:
    Wetlands are transitional areas located between terrestrial ecosystems and aquatic ecosystems, where many of the wetland flora grows in specific environments where soils are soaked in water.

    Wetlands are widely distributed throughout the world and have many wildlife resources, which are important ecosystems. The breeding and migration of many rare waterfowl can not be separated from the wetlands, so wetlands are called "paradise for birds." Wetland strong ecological purification, and thus have the reputation of "Earth's kidney."
    Under the dual pressures of population explosion and economic development, a large amount of wetlands were transformed into farmland in the middle and later stages of the 20th century. Coupled with excessive resource development and pollution, the wetland area was drastically reduced and wetland species were severely damaged.
    In order to protect wetlands and protect the rich species in wetlands, the World Conservation Convention wetlands Convention was established on February 2, 1971. As of October 2004, there are over 141 members and 1,387 wetlands are listed in the List of Wetlands of International Importance.

    [Formosa] Taiwan has a wetland resource rich in diverse species and unique landscapes. However, with the industrial pollution and human-induced destruction, it has seriously threatened the natural ecology of the wetlands. Therefore, in order to arouse the emphasis on the conservation of these wetlands and the natural environment, designers take the wetlands in Tainan as a starting point and take the species of fiddler crabs in the wetlands as the protagonists. Through the iphone handset with the highest global utilization rate, As a medium for conservation wet voice, to remind consumers to use electronic products, but also more emphasis on ecological conservation of wetlands, reducing energy waste.

    Tainan catching crabs are endemic to Taiwan and should be one of the biological communities of concern in biology.
    However, due to the small number of fiddler crabs and no economic value compared with other types of fiddler crabs, there has been very little research and conservation on such organisms for a long time.

    There are several types of fiddler crabs in Taiwan: Tuchuang tide, arc edge tide, Narrow tide wave, Four tidal wave tide, Taiwan tide, Northern call tide, thick leg green tide tide, Triangle tide, innocent tide , Tangled ten innocent tide. Among them, the tide cranes in Taiwan are endemic to China. The male chevrons are large and the two fingers of the palm are flat and slightly longer. Their inner edges are densely serrated, and the first half can be closely connected to each other. This is the easiest way to observe male tide catching in Taiwan .

    The number of fiddler crabs in Taiwan is rapidly dropping. Coupled with the destruction of other habitat factors and environmental pressures, the extinction of fiddler crabs in Taiwan will occur in a few years. Therefore, I hope that you and I and the relevant organizations will attach great importance to the crisis of the extinction of this species and actively carry out researches on the breeding of crab habitat in Taiwan.

    Origin / manufacturing methods:
    Made in Taiwan semi-handmade

    Note: Please think twice before buying and read product information content. For personal reasons, such as: impulsive shoppers, style inconsistencies, who do not like the color, after seeing those who do not need, material and imagination who are different ... and other personal factors, rather than the product itself flaws, Can not match the return service! Consumers who suggest personal considerations, please personally to the physical store or department store to buy, to avoid unnecessary disputes.

    If you need to return the goods, please follow the instructions below, thank you for your cooperation.

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Not for replenishment! ZIMMA-Stereo Two-Way Microphone Beech (Two Colors) Exclusive iPhone SE / 5 Series / 4 Series / iPod Touch 5 Use (i6 Above models are not available, Android is not available)

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หลังจากที่ชำระเงินแล้ว ดีไซเนอร์จะใช้เวลาประมาณ 3 วันในการเตรียมและทำเรื่องจัดส่งสินค้า
เพิ่มเป็นสินค้าโดนใจรับโบนัส 5 คะแนนไปเลย !
วาเลนไทน์ปีนี้ | รับส่วนลด US$2.00 เมื่อสั่งซื้อครบ US$35.00

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