✡ antique cable knit half finger gloves - Indian ✡ handmade knitwear for men and women neutral Wide turbot reddish brown stippling pattern type tribe gray

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✡ antique cable knit half finger gloves - Indian ✡ handmade knitwear for men and women neutral Wide turbot reddish brown stippling pattern type tribe gray


Be sure to watch the store before ✡ index of "trade policy" for other production days and the rule ✡ Neutral loose version of this version is the use of both men and women Antiques line half-finger gloves handmade Each glove pattern to maintain a classic design Just with a simple gown Warm wild and easy to use Half-finger design does not impede finger use When the need to use fingers Like the thumb out of the same clothes sleeves pushed back Do not take off the gloves You can use a clean and not dirty When cold immediately pulled down to cover the four thumb Thumb thumb out hole can be fixed gloves Material ✡ antiques blended wool Antiques lines mean, now out of print, before the old line manufacturing production Our lines are imported blends old American, is not easy to shrink after thorn hand wash, wool snapped very high number of very warm, Texture is very simple really, not synthetic oil added, the material than is now produced to the solid wool But also because of the limited number of old-line, so if you've created the style of wire out of print Hello Size Information ✡ 11.5cmx21cm (flat amount) Neutral loose version of this version is the use of both men and women Suitable palm thinner boys and girls to wear is loose (Please refer to the previous index Shoumo size, For the boys invited News asked Shoumo photos) Pattern: back central turbot type tribal pattern, palms face plain weave Color: red-brown color low-key little gray mixed https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7559/16317098652_e9c3524526_o.jpg Shoumo size figure, palm thickness of about 2.5 ~ 3cm, Everyone palm of variation is large, if the fear of merchandise too loose or too tight, please ask private hearing condition, Gloves part of our production begin mass size, dimensions are also watching us feel better proportion, Shoumo palm thinner, so it is more relaxed with a convenient activity status (also better the sleeves into gloves), if you want to change hands very tight to very close or looser sure to ask News Especially if you want to change a lot of long, wide size you want, it will also affect the tightness of the glove proportion, with shoot effect will be different suppliers, more than two centimeters will look very different, Please also consider asking former subscript clear that in order to make a part of your merchandise ✡✡✡! ! ! ! Please note! ! ! ! ✡✡✡ Currently gloves All No stock, due to the case of seasonal gifts custom orders we begin with a single row of production, Gloves are required to start making money from the six working days (excluding holidays), because it is handmade takes some time kindly forgive me! Such as the urgent need to make sure beforehand gifts situation do not the next single! If you want to send the next day after ✡✡ receive, be sure to choose EMS shipping, the whole family will send at least slower than the post office one day Operate and maintain ✡ Wool, wool products If gets dirty, mixed with a little cold water to wash fine, soak for 5-10 minutes, then gently rub with a towel pressed parts water, dry flat. Remember not machine washable, dehydrated with a washing machine! Will reduce distortion, Fabric size color difference ✡ Part due to hand-woven fabric, fluffy wool also slightly variability, the finished size can not be exactly the same color, so when commodity production, will try to complete the picture presented to the production, but the production will be a slight error up the length of 0.5-1cm, Photos can not have exactly the same size and with colors, but we will try to make the smallest error, please forgive me. Customized order ✡ Please ask private information needs not to index, both of which are again additional offer, if accepted by both sides would open another store that is exclusive subscript Note ✡ Read or ask detailed, can be fully accepted until subscript ● Be sure to read through the store in the "Trading Policy" for the number of days before the next standard production and rules ● Because each computer resolution color different light shades when shooting, or natural color glossy materials, there may be the color of the situation, but we will try to render photo merchandise original appearance. ● packaging part we will try to keep the packaging appearance and to protect the goods, but does not guarantee delivery of the packaging will be sacrificed. ● defective Return Policy See "Trade Policy - Return Policy"


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