[European] Lullalove pocket go mill to wear - maple single piece bib group (temperament gray)

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[European] Lullalove pocket go mill to wear - maple single piece bib group (temperament gray)


Teeth period baby always drooling,
Baby at this time, the most needed is saliva pocket with soothe the discomfort molar toys.
Lullalove supeRRO baby eco pocket go mill to wear series,
Close to the bib pocket with molars toy design together,
100% bamboo fiber antibacterial, in line with the European Oeko Tex standard bibs,
With pure hand texture maple molars toys
Once meet the needs of baby teeth period!


Why does Lullalove use bamboo fiber to design a saliva?

Bamboo fiber main advantages:
1. Environmental protection, 100% natural material!
2. Antibacterial, anti-allergic, strong water absorption (60% more than cotton absorption of water)!
3. Dry fast, resistant to moisture, reduce the rate of bacterial growth, not easy to smelly.
4. Bamboo fiber even absorb UV function, the average temperature is 2-3 degrees lower than the ambient temperature, the baby will not use the summer heat!

★ detachable design! Bibs and molars toys can be used separately, ready to replace dirty pocket.
★ Maple molars toys handmade, environmentally friendly natural, very lightweight, and does not absorb saliva
Bamboo fiber material bibs, environmental protection, antibacterial, anti-allergic, natural and strong water absorption!
★ European Poland design and production, in line with CE, quality trustworthy!


There are four colors of bamboo fiber saliva to choose from:
Gentle powder / sky blue / temperament gray / pure white (currently only temperament gray Oh)
With a little edge package design, saliva pocket can also be very texture!

A piece of weight: 50g (including molars toys)
Packing: boxed, size 14 cm x 10 cm x 6.5 cm
Package weight: about 75 ~ 80g (including carton)
If there is an alternative saliva pocket needs, choose three bib pocket + a molar toy combination Oh!
Three groups please place an order here: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1C7hkUpQ?category=4


Cleaning method:
Bamboo fiber bibs: Machine wash or hand wash at 60 ° C or less, do not bleach / dry clean, dry / iron at low temperatures.
Molar toys: wipe with a damp cloth, do not use bleach or chemical cleaning, not suitable for use in a dishwasher or microwave oven. To sterilize please clean it with clean hot water!

1. Will Lullalove wooden molars toys mold?
A: Lullalove's wood molars have been impregnated with certified natural eco oil, which is water-resistant, anti-bacterial and anti-mildew-proof and natural.
So enough baby's oral use, there will be no moldy concerns, mothers can be assured.
To disinfect it directly to clean hot water disinfection can be.

2. Will Lullalove wood molars toys have wood chips?
A: Lullalove is cut with a complete maple, and then carefully polished smooth, will not hurt the baby's mouth and gums Oh. Do not worry about the problem of sawdust or wood cracking!
(Unless mothers use too rough sponge to brush the original plane destroyed, or do not have to worry about wood chips Oh)

Bursts of water and molars toys for personal hygiene products, in addition to the product itself flaws, can not provide return, mind who do not order. Please confirm the product after receipt of the goods are flawed, if flawed, please contact customer service within five days of arrival, overdue will not accept the return.

Origin / manufacturing methods
Europe Poland / handmade


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