[European system] little sailor First baby shoes handmade soft toddler shoes / indoor shoes

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★ lasts wide, feet are not limited ★ No shoelace design, to avoid tripping ★ natural non-toxic dyes, safe and secure ★ u



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[European system] little sailor First baby shoes handmade soft toddler shoes / indoor shoes


First baby shoes from the European Polish brand https://d15rk7qij7uiby.cloudfront.net/shop/u-love/products/new/17571-4drm8h.jpg.jpg Handmade shoes irrigated with love Expecting the birth of the baby's expectant mommy, Have you ever wanted to help your baby prepare a unique gift? Polish designers became mothers when they saw the needs of expectant mothers, The establishment of First baby shoes, designed a series of DIY handmade shoes DIY group, Provide quality shoes, breathable leather, stitches, etc., Mommy can easily get started, making the first pair of baby shoes ~ However, not every mom has free DIY hand-sewn baby shoes, First baby shoes In addition to DIY shoes, the design of the soft sole soft sole series, Busy to take care of baby novice Mommy, do not need to DIY hands, you can buy the first pair of handmade shoes for the baby. https://d15rk7qij7uiby.cloudfront.net/shop/u-love/products/new/18513-jlszzo.jpg.jpg Soft sole series in addition to providing a variety of colorful patterns to choose from, quality is not sloppy, From the last to the heel, every detail is carefully considered for the baby, choose the most suitable material production, And all the material from Europe, hand-stitched by the Polish designer team, Quality trustworthy! ★ lasts wide, feet are not limited ★ No shoelace design, to avoid tripping ★ natural non-toxic dyes, safe and secure ★ upper cotton, with European standards of quality breathable leather shoe body, small feet can be kept fresh and not hot ★ ankle elastic design, the shoes are not easy to fall off ★ suede sole, non-slip and grip enough, dry indoor and outdoor use <Best Birthday Ceremony> Baby about 7 to 9 months began to study station, before and after the age began to learn to walk, First baby shoes is the best combination of beauty and practical birth ceremony! https://d15rk7qij7uiby.cloudfront.net/shop/u-love/products/new/18513-xz5cp.jpg.jpg Soft sole series with high texture gift box packaging ~ https://d15rk7qij7uiby.cloudfront.net/shop/u-love/products/55f0fbc5133e45514800013f/17566-1hf44og.jpg.jpg Mums want to receive gifts like, gifts are also happy friends happy! https://d15rk7qij7uiby.cloudfront.net/shop/u-love/products/new/18570-99lj5.jpg.jpg <Answer to a questioner> 1. How to measure the baby's foot length? Baby feet with adults, the amount of the evening than the amount of the morning, we recommend the amount of bedtime at night. Place the baby foot flat on a piece of white paper, mark with the pen at the tip of the longest toe and at the heel, And then measure the distance between the two markers can remember the amount of both feet Ah, the longer the length of the feet to pick shoes ~ Proposed to set aside about 0.5cm ~ 1cm length (not more than 1.5cm) baby feet grow space! https://d15rk7qij7uiby.cloudfront.net/shop/u-love/products/new/17571-wi4p6o.jpg.jpg First baby shoes soft soles provide size S, M, L three S: 9.5 cm ~ 10.5 cm M: 10.6 cm to 11.8 cm L: 11.9cm ~ 13cm 9 to 15 months, the average length of the baby feet is about 10 ~ 12cm range. Can refer to size comparison table: https://d15rk7qij7uiby.cloudfront.net/shop/u-love/products/new/18513-1kc447h.jpg.jpg Why First baby shoes shoes so soft? In fact, the best way to toddler baby is barefoot! Just learn to stand baby's foot has not fully developed, not suitable for the use of hard-bottomed shoes, First baby shoes design baby first pair of shoes is mainly Avoid the baby standing or holding the ground by the hard objects scratched, And go out baby is also need colorful shoes to match clothing! Baby feet through the thin soles touch the ground (such as barefoot), Soft-soled shoes are more suitable for beginners to stand & go unstable baby ~ 3. Why soft sole without devil felt design, better to help your baby shoes? Because this period of baby like to pull things, Devil felt design shoes baby can not wear! Soft shoe needs Mummy hand propped (with elastic) is better set into Oh ~ Need to wear socks? Soft sole breathable leather body + cotton upper, Do not worry about smelly socks can wear can not wear, (See weather conditions can wear socks to keep warm)! 5 minutes left foot? Soft sole Some designs are left and right feet of different designs, Mommy look out right foot ~ The same pattern design shoes do not need area around the foot, This period of shoes to soft and comfortable + beautiful, No left foot function distinction. <Cleaning method> Do not machine wash or drying to avoid damage to handmade shoes Oh, If dirty, please use a damp cloth to clean. <Precautions> 1. Hand-stitched shoes may not be as machine-made as flat, mind, please choose the machine made shoes https://d15rk7qij7uiby.cloudfront.net/shop/u-love/products/55f0fbc5133e45514800013f/18513-12dw4sz.jpg.jpg Origin / manufacturing methods Europe Poland / hand sewn


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