Fresh / mint chocolate soap


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  • When life takes a little freedom innocence at the right time, it may be a ball of chocolate mint, Hill Herbs with fragrant with fresh green bitter surprise, express yours steady and fresh.

    __**Organic ingredients added, so use cold from natural, not chemically refined oil, foam dense and detailed, wash Wenrunruyu sense for you and your loved ones, offer the closest natural skin-friendly experience.**__

    **Suitable skin**/ Oily Skin.
    **Scope**/ shampoo, wash, bath, head to toe are applicable.

    **Chemical Bye-Bye new life**/

    __Skin mild wash tips__
    First with warm water soaked the whole face with both hands, or play a full rub foaming foam, the foam easily applied in the oil, sebum more places (T-zone, chin and forehead), with pulp gently and carefully let the foam and dirt completely fused, and then expanded to the whole face foam to gently massage the skin strength foam, then rinse with warm water.

    ☞ Hill Herbs reminders
    1. Wash your face with warm water, suitable for use with the temperature corresponding to 36-37 degrees, do not use too hot water wash, the water too hot but easy to make the skin becomes dry.
    2. Avoid rubbing the skin too hard, in addition to excessive friction can irritate the skin surface, excessive sebum clean, dry skin cracks more easily, but also may increase the chance of spots generated.

    __Shampoo scalp healthy new-as Free Movement__
    First wet hair, rub the soap on the hair right amount of foam, massage the scalp with your fingers, plus a little water, rub hair, then the bubble will become more, then carefully rinse with water. For longer hair, hair damaged hair, or residence "hard water area" for people who use soap or shampoo may be compared with the more astringent feeling sticky, then you can use about "vinegar 20ml" reconcile " 500ml warm water, "to avoid the scalp, rinse hair evenly, then rinse with water.

    ☞ Hill Herbs Tips
    The definition of hard and soft water, based on the amount of the mineral content of the water may be, the higher the content of calcium in hard water and other metals to form insoluble matter after binding with soap, easy card in the hair shampoo, will cause dryness or sticky feeling, use vinegar Hydra silk, ion exchange can help make the hair becomes soft and shiny.

    **Capacity**/ 100g ± 5g
    **Packaging**/ vacuum packaging

    **FAQ the A & the Q**/

    __Ql. How to save Handmade?__
    Please store in a cool dry place. Because of the cold system Handmade Soap saponification process will naturally generate a high percentage of natural moisturizing factor - glycerin, natural glycerin on the skin very well, because it's good hydrophilic and water lock effect, it will absorb water from the air gas, resulting in soap in a humid environment, prone to drops of water or become marshy, after each use so please try to keep it dry, use soap extended time.

    __Q2. About Soap life?__
    Generally recommended period of use is from ripening date, use within one year. This is because they can not ensure that later, how the home storage environment, so I hope that after the purchase as soon as possible to use, in order to avoid different storage environment, increasing soap rancidity Opportunity.

    __Q3. Each soap colors are a little different?__
    Hill Herbs every piece of soap is a small hand-made, so each batch may have a slightly different color, color differences may result from natural cold-pressed oils natural pigments to fade, or use different production plants season harvest raw materials, finished with a slightly different color, does not affect the quality, please feel at ease.

    __Q4 is. Each Soap size and weight a little different?__
    Differences in size and weight because of hand-cut soap, but slightly different, Hill Herbs in packing every piece of soap, the piece will be carefully weighed, the weight will be enough to confirm shipping!

    __Q5. Each soap smells a little different?__
    Hill Herbs materials used are from the herbal material nature, without any artificial flavor fixative agent, so the smell only full nose of the original fragrance, aroma will slowly dispersed after unpacking, Hill Herbs think so better not? a little more natural?

    __Q6. OOPS! Carelessly placed above the optimum period of use, you can use?__
    If stored properly, as long as no oil spots, no fuel smell taste, in fact, soap can be stored for a long time, and is ripe to have been ongoing, with longer storage time, because the water evaporated in the soap, body soap also become more thick, hard, compared with the new soap, the longer the storage time of the "old soap" bubble up with more dense, more skin-friendly, more durable, but the color may yellowed piece of (non-oil spots), smell slowed, which is ripening process and the use of natural ingredients normal phenomenon, please feel at ease.

    **Sustained attention Herbs Hill**/
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Fresh / mint chocolate soap

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