Fortunately Daoxin yue Qing Gang burned glazed pottery mug (white)

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ภายใน 1 อาทิตย์
Fortunately Daoxin yue Qing Gang burned glazed pottery mug (white)


Letter yue potters - Qing Gang fortunate Road Kiyooka Kodo glazed pottery mugs

This works using a gray glaze. Shaping out black specks in the soil contain iron, giving a unique look natural, caused by a natural contrast effect.
Were painted on both sides of the inner and outer cup glaze, especially in depicting the beauty of the cup edge portion freehand color gradient layer. The cup portion extending outwardly slightly, allowing the use of more fluently. Cup body and the shape of the vertical neat shape. Its square handle for this unique and personalized work place, actually in hand, you can feel the comfort of the square grip feel, and naturally smooth matte texture that is both simple and combined with functional works.

Continuation of twelve hundred centuries utensils - letter yue burn

The famous pottery town located in the southern Shiga letter Yurakucho, is about 300 meters above sea level plateau,
Here natural clay fine texture and containing refractory qualities letter yue burning development advantages. Since ancient times is well-known ceramics origin.
From ancient, for different needs and create a variety of firing techniques and glazing construction method, with the continuous improvement and innovation in the development of a unique ceramic technology community spirit. On road traffic-related contact between the West and the East China Sea from the center of the tea ceremony in Kyoto and Nara far, then submitted a letter yue firing pottery tea development so far. In 1976 was recognized as traditional handicrafts, is one of Japan's six ancient kiln. One of the most famous fortune-fu raccoon "TANUKI" symbolizes the business is booming because, often placed in the doorway Lucky Food hawkers. The letter yue Beaver "eight-phase edge hi" places civet cats wearing hats, skew his head, his right hand holding the bottle in his left hand books of "getting a drink Kozo" the most classic styling.

Qinggangxingdao Kiyooka Kodo

Attending Osaka University of Arts specializing in pottery period. Shiga Prefectural Forest Pottery graduate, post positions in the design and manufacture of pottery are served, and then their own. Use fire resistance and excellent plasticity letter yue soil, then cover made of pottery glazed medicine technology, combined with distinctive outline feature to subvert the traditional letter gives the impression yue burn. Inclusive work also received a high rating. Since then, the letter in his capacity as representative of potters yue one active in the industry and highly anticipated.

/ Size /
Roughly approximate 7cm diameter 8.5cm high
This series of works are all hand-fired, size and appearance will be slightly different. Stay tuned pottery charm and each works a different personality.

/ Material /
Glazed pottery

/ Use and precautions /
Pottery is absorbent, long time will remain in pottery or food soaked in water and is not cleaned, it may cause mold growth or odor generation.

/ Origin /


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