ZUNY-Zu.Ring- elephant shape pendant (Abby- pink)


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  • Zuny continued efforts to increase the diversity of their products to meet the majority of Zuny enthusiasts. Zuny key ring series was born. Zuny key ring can be used as your unique accessories, it can be lovely appearance immediately attracted the eyes of others and become your own badge.

    Product Size: Size: 13 × 6 × 8cm
    Weight: 60g
    Material: synthetic leather, polyester fibers, small iron ball
    (In response to animal conservation, and Zuny refused to use leather with hurt animals!)

    Brand concept
    Make your life Zuny
    Zuny is a simple, fun and creative leather furniture brands. Based on the concept and spirit of the natural world. In the design thoughts on it from the designer's creativity and imagination, with simple curves, approachable design, people full of infinite imagination, allows users expect in a busy moment, forget the troubles and stress, but also for ordinary life fun, this is Zuny desired: "Make your life fun and easy."
    In the progress of the times and technology, nature, growing shortage of resources, but also to counterattack phenomenon of nature is becoming increasingly apparent, the most representative is the phenomenon of global warming (Global Warming), the natural ecology in all sorts of signs constantly remind the fact that we "only one earth" in. So I hope to remind everyone of Cruelty to Animals, and cherish the scarcity of ecological resources through this concept.

    Each designer works are in close communication with the master tailors who abandoned a large number of machines on the production standards of production, in order to feel more time-consuming consuming sewing heart of the main accomplished through the repeated process and complicated process, so that every animal models seem the same, but with slight differences in the details.
    In the seemingly simple and neat design, each animal because of their different appearance and texture characteristic lines, actually has Nanyixiangxiang fine details of the deal, especially the smaller size made even more difficult, in the same quality of and adhere to the requirements, the completion of the master force
    Work, only to highlight the more delicate, unique texture of human nature, let Each animal is unique in the world exists.

    brand cooperation
    2009 together with the United States to launch Starbucks Starbucks Christmas special section
    2010 Special Christmas collaboration with the Hong Kong section agnes b
    2011 Germany's top furniture brands Domicil launched Xue Song, Pan micro artists jointly defined
    2012 Netherlands leading the popular department store de Bijenkorf cooperation and launch exclusive limited funds
    2013 authorization and the French Le Petit Prince Little Prince Association
    2014 China Grandview Mall in Guangzhou Hi department "Zuny Circus" Children painted charity event

    In order to implement the concept of brand love animals, all products are all high Zuny texture of leather and synthetic leather approximate environmental protection by the system, which is quite feel like real leather simulation. Feature is the placement will be for a long time due to the use of time, and produce traces of history. With the use of the frequency difference, or save the environment, may also cause color loss or surface cracks and peeling occurs, this is "hydrolysis" phenomenon, it therefore can not achieve a longer service life, this is due to the characteristics of the material itself, a natural phenomenon inevitable.
    Although Zuny leather goods and good texture and just simple basic maintenance in order to maintain the best condition of the product and to extend the period of use, please note the following maintenance recommendations:
    - Avoid direct exposure to solar products, indoor lighting
    - Avoid products stored in extremely dry or humid environments
    - from time to time to wipe clean dry cloth, usually used to clean soft cloth or soft brush cleaning and maintenance of leather
    - If exposed to any liquid, with a soft, dry cloth wipe, and left to dry at room temperature
    - Never use any chemical cleaning products to clean the product surface dust and dirt
    - avoid the use of the article or tool with rough leather surface contact friction

    Zuny All products are not toys. For security reasons, children under 6 years of age to use Zuny products, accompanied by an adult to be in the side. As the product itself has a functional use, with a little weight in itself, wrong use could result in injury or a safety hazard.
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ZUNY-Zu.Ring- elephant shape pendant (Abby- pink)

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