Moccamaster American / follicular type coffee machine KBGT741 (stainless steel pot)


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  • ♥ Product Specifications
    Type | KBGT 741
    Voltage | 110V
    Power | 1175W
    Capacity | 1250 c.c.
    Weight | 3.0 kg
    Size | 320 (width) x 180 (depth) x 390 (H) mm

    ♥ Where to buy a coffee machine that is bundled with the original filter paper (the 4th) box (total 100)

    Manufacturing ♥ Netherlands Technivorm Moccamaster
    Hand-crafted machine in the Netherlands (Handmade in Netherland)
    Technivorm Moccamaster factory is located in the middle of the Netherlands, and in the service to customers around the world.
    Moccamaster inventor Gerard Clement-Smit's philosophy is to produce high quality, durable, and reliable machine, since 1964, the implementation of this idea that is working on the production of each machine. Even to this day, every coffee maker is handmade and after the actual test before shipment, and use only the best components available in the market with material. In each Technivorm Moccamaster machine designs, energy efficiency and recyclability, has been playing a very important role.

    ♥ brilliant achievements Technivorm Moccamaster coffee machine
    Technivorm Moccamaster coffee machine using advanced heating and constant temperature stabilization technology has been certified associations of
    - American Association of fine coffee SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America)
    - Refined European Coffee Association SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe)
    - Norwegian Coffee Association (Norweigian Coffee Association) lab tests
    - European coffee center ECBC (European Coffee Brewing Center) certification mark
    To get ECBC certification marks, products must pass rigorous quality control review, in which all the vendors, Technivorm Moccamaster is the only full range of home models are obtained ECBC certified manufacturers.

    In addition, because of superior temperature control technology and rugged features, let Technivorm Moccamaster coffee machine is
    --2011 And 2017 World Cup test match the specified models contest

    A beautiful appearance, advanced technology, features a special coffee pot does not necessarily cook a good cup of coffee. Only able to brew a cup of "perfect coffee", and able to meet the stringent testing standards and regulations of the association, to get so many specialty coffee associations and match authentication and sure!

    ♥ outstanding features Technivorm Moccamaster coffee machine
    • ** ** constant temperature design, coffee extraction temperature is maintained at 92-96 ℃, which is the Specialty Coffee Association of countries suggest the best extraction temperature through the water tank below the brass heater, precise control of the heating temperature, in order to allow each times brewed coffee are maintaining the same quality.
    • ** ** decentralized water hole designed to ensure that the coffee powder evenly wet heat, cold water through the brass after heating up to reflux of water through stainless steel rod 9 holes out of the water, more uniform access to a wide mouth pink tank coffee powder.
    • ** ** simulated hand punch coffee intermittent water design, analog "hand punch" (Drip Coffee) way, intermittent water, make coffee the most complete extraction, which is boiled coffee Technivorm Moccamaster coffee, each cup can be concentrated mellow, key coffee flavor of the original show.
    • ** 6 minutes making 1250c.c. ** Coffee, because the built-in heater up to 1175W of power to quickly heat the water, so just six minutes can be shared with family and friends delicious coffee.
    • water tank outside marked with ** **, without preparing an additional cup.
    • ** ** Automatic stop valve is designed, when the pot is removed insulation, coffee liquid will automatically stop the flow, to avoid flooding table full of dilemma.
    • ** ** aluminum casing, durable and beautiful.
    • Original random amount of coffee powder with spoon ** **, a spoonful of about 10 grams, recommends 1 liter (L) of water can be 5 spoons coffee brewing, but you can follow the characteristics and your coffee beans drinking habits, adjust the scale brewing, too, if just 500ml of brewed coffee, you can also proportionally reduce the amount of coffee powder.
    • ** ** stainless steel thermal insulation effect of good insulation pot, this product is KBGT741 with coffee machine with stainless steel coffee pot, cover bundled two kinds, one is to catch the coffee liquid extraction cover, the other is closures, coffee Without timely and drink, you can use closures to save the coffee, insulation pot insulation effect through the field, dropped only three hours about 13 degrees C.

    ♥ Chinese operation

    ♥ English operating mode

    ♥ FAQ
    Q1: filter cup holders Moccamaster is plastic material, it will not have heat issues?
    A1: filter cup holders are using PP material production, heat up to 120 degrees C, under normal conditions of use will not have any security concerns. This product was tested by standard dissolution test Ministry of Economic Affairs, Please feel at ease to use.
    Q2: Can I use the hot water tank which is applied to direct it?
    A2: We do not recommend that you put hot water into the water tank which, because it does not meet the original design of the machine Technivorm works. We recommend that you use fresh, cold water directly into the tank.
    Q3: After coffee brewing is completed, I forgot to turn off the power, so that the heater is not heating will continue to have the risk of overheating??
    A3: Moccamaster tank which is designed with a float switch only when 1. < tank water & gt ;, and 2. < insulation pot is indeed in the right place & gt ;, two conditions exist, the heating device will start. So when you finish a brewing, the water tank has been used up, the heater will not continue to heat, please be assured.
    Q4: Moccamaster need frequent maintenance or cleaning it will not be too much trouble??
    A4: Moccamaster machines are simple mechanical construction, under normal use conditions, the probability of failure is very low. As part of cleaning is recommended every brew 100 times, or at least every three months, with a coffee machine cleaning liquid (powder) soaked brew 2-3 times to remove scale inside the machine. If you need to clean the inner wall insulation pot of KBGT 741 stainless steel, just use hot water and a little detergent soak, lock the lid and let stand overnight to remove coffee grease.

    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Manually create Netherlands
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Moccamaster American / follicular type coffee machine KBGT741 (stainless steel pot)

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