Free transport ● pop style double-sided grinding bristles thick cotton quilt shop paragraph warm winter blanket ˙ ˙ people with pet

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Hwatokki Handmade

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Free transport ● pop style double-sided grinding bristles thick cotton quilt shop paragraph warm winter blanket ˙ ˙ people with pet


˙ depths of winter when cold weather Although dressed in warm clothing, while watching TV or playing computer and other stationary, still feel the chill Mao Haizi who, wearing warm clothing or bed nest around us, it would still be curled up Not to mention the old and feeble and frail children need more care of mao This small warm blanket, is designed specifically for winter flowers rabbit design, soft cloth to keep warm, wear washable, is family spend rabbit hair super love of a child ❤ large size can be when people use warm blanket, dressed in family, watching TV 'reading' playing on the computer does not have it cold ❤ small size can give Mao Haizi cover the body warm or when sleeping pad ❤ small hairy child can also use the large size of the discount hairy child to go to sleep, it becomes a simple warm sleeping bag Hello! One piece, not because of, and hairy child in the same blanket or bed, because sleep hairy child cute appearance, but can not move the body to get to the toilet or something ❤ side is light blue bristles cloth and pop style color sanding cloth stitching, side of the blue color of the shake of cotton cloth ❤ slightly elastic fabric itself, two different colors, with the mood which the outer surface ❤ divided into shop cotton blankets with special money clip thick cotton DuPont, thick warm, feel soft and comfortable Very warm, flower baby rabbit home often to play quilt cover to midnight Heat to leave the nest to sleep, went to sleep on the floor ^^ When cold, the dogs also sleep snore 'hum talking in your sleep For a variety of temperature difference, the summer air-conditioned room 'cold winter night ❤ people can use → When lap blankets, lunch Pashui blanket or small children are being 'cleaning pad ❤ pet can shop with → nest when sleeping on the floor or mattress' cleaning pad, or a warm body cover Mao Haizi Mao Haizi they can stretch out, warm flat lay sleeping, mao child but weak even sleep in the bed 'bed, back' flanks still be cold, it will curl up the body * Size * approximately 80 * 130cm ± 2cm * Material ˙ wash the entire * Double-sided brushed fabric and bristles slightly elastic cloth fabric itself ˙ Hand wash is recommended, if you do not mind also machine washable, general washing or soft wash, can dehydration and hypothermia mattress ironing With neutral detergent cleaning, especially dirty place can be coated with a small amount of laundry soap, gently rub a few After washing, please spread rejection toss, so that the fibers spread out to dry The cloth is easy to clean, dry quickly! * Flower rabbit の hand as ˙ love in mind and small caution * Everybody's screen setting is different, so the real product with the screen display may be slightly different shades Handmade, for other colors and workmanship requirements perfectionist, please think twice before you buy This merchandise sales amount (not including shipping) of 20% will be donated to charity fund diversion distressed animal rescue associations, the whole system after the Charity Fund donated, receipts and related information will be published in the fan page Passing hand work and love is a flower rabbit の began selling hand-made piece of mind, the power of a small pea is willing to let the world become a better place - Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan → Flowers Rabbit の hand as a * little attic studio → Flowers Rabbit hands


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