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  • "To use periodic short Baby say goodbye! Natural health and home aesthetics meet concurrently, growing up with the baby's natural treasure bowl! "

    ● Nantou Moso bamboo fiber
    ● 100% natural, non-toxic materials
    ● 140 degree heat resistant
    ● free of PVC and BPA
    ● by FDA & SGS national certification
    ● natural food coloring dye
    ● Suitable for dishwasher
    ● microwaveable
    ● food grade silicone sucker

    Full range of three different sizes dishes - namely cereal bowls, dessert bowls and bread plate, meet the needs of all kinds of food.
    Clever sucker drop shape can reduce the confusion caused by spilled food, interior design easier rectangular food rolled up, in addition to convenient baby learning to eat on their own, can wear off formula is designed to grow along with them, after the baby grow up sucker continue to make use of separate, continuing dishes life.

    A series of warm earth colors are dyed with natural food coloring made with ceramic-like texture, moist feel, the baby will fall in love with mom spent!


    / The composition contains / dessert bowl two enter into a sucker +

    / Specifications / high 6cm x diameter 15cm 240g / each

    / Material / 40% bamboo fiber powder, 40% vegetable starch, 20% natural latex

    / Use and precautions /
    ● You can use ultraviolet light or hot water sterilization mode within 30 seconds, does not recommend the use of steam or boiling sterilization
    ● sucker suction due to different materials Desktop affected
    ● rinsed before use dust chuck, help increase the adsorption force
    ● Use a soft cloth or sponge and neutral detergent to clean
    ● You can use microwave heating (within 60 seconds), the product resistant to 140 degrees
    ● Do not use the cooker or oven heating natural baby bowl
    ● food grade silicone sucker
    ● dishes on bamboo fiber lines and the projection particles are natural material properties does not affect the product quality and use
    ● easy absorption of natural materials of dark color ingredients, as soon as possible after cleaning please use to avoid staining
    ● Do not place in a fire at the source or freezer
    ● Keep the product prolonged exposure to the sun, so as to avoid damage to natural materials
    ● Avoid heavy pressure to avoid breakage

    / Miniware natural treasure bowl Q & Q & A /

    Q1: Why did you choose bamboo fiber?
    A1: Bamboo is the fastest growing herbs on earth, trees faster than 1/3 times, some varieties can even grow taller than 30 cm in one day! The biggest advantage of bamboo fiber is that it contains an antibacterial substance in itself, has a natural long-lasting antibacterial properties, in the natural environment can reach 100% natural decomposition, not cause secondary pollution of the Earth. Bamboo fiber material is also in our assessment of the most suitable natural materials, but also the most environmentally friendly kind of Oh!

    Q2: tableware surface there is a bright side spray varnish or paste film?
    A2: the effect of the surface is shiny and smooth in the production process of the mold plus bamboo fiber powder autoclavable generated bright side effects, is a natural phenomenon, but also as a result of such production methods gives a smooth feeling like ceramic tableware, but also more convenient cleaning. Smooth surface plus natural dyes, so that parents do not have to worry about the filth of the concerns, of course, smooth surface because the production process, also with the use of the longer disappearing, and produce natural texture of bamboo fiber phenomenon not affect the use of cutlery, are natural non-toxic.

    Q3: You can sterilize the pot with hot water or electricity?
    A3: Natural baby bowl can withstand minus -20 degrees to 140 degrees, so it can be heated in a microwave oven, moms electric pot if you want to be able to heat food, in principle, we still recommend the use of generic dishes heated, then food costumes into the dishes to your baby to use, it also can help food cool down, many novice parents may not know the baby is very sensitive to temperature, we must remember that in order to show it to lower the temperature after the food children eat.
    Use hot water immersion or steam sterilization is possible, but here we have to remind parents: because natural materials stuff after prolonged heating, there will soften the phenomenon, even if you can be reinstated after cooling, continuous high temperature water vapor will reduce the life of the natural materials used, it is recommended that no more than 30 seconds is best disinfection time.

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    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Made in Taiwan
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Miniware | natural baby bowl - bamboo fiber children learning cutlery - dessert bowls into three groups - Strawberry Yogurt

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