[Europe] Proscar handmade Teddy Boska's Teddies Collection Readymade series - Teddie and Bear

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boskas เยื่ยมชมสตูดิโอ

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[Europe] Proscar handmade Teddy Boska's Teddies Collection Readymade series - Teddie and Bear


Original design from Poland Boska's Teddies
Hand sewing hands, feet, and other parts of the body,
Hand-sewn and then only just assembled,
So each Proscar teddy bear has its own emotes. :-)

Boska's Teddies designer and founder, told local media access when he said:
 & Quot; Boska's Teddies Although only a small studio in Poland, but it is as a mother, I realize their opponents for passion and to meet the needs of the small world of children. This is my starting point each teddy bear design, Readymade series, Teddie Bum Bum, Bed warmer so is therefore designed, but also because the child is the starting point, we are better than anyone else and focus on the small details of security & quot;

Boska's Teddies in Poland by many local media described as a classic of the Polish magazine design,
Not only for children's toys, also as the best place jewelry home / commercial space design,
Teddy fans of each style are worthy collection!

★ European import genuine, non unsolicited original single, instruction sheet
★ Poland, local media hailed as one of the five classical toy Poland
★ DIY funds can get creative with the kids enjoy hands together for fun
★ hand-sewn, hand-assembled, each doll is unique
★ children as a starting point to design, attention to detail with the safety,
★ free of potentially dangerous parts (such as: buttons / zippers), there will be no danger of eating
★ can carry appease dolls, teddy bears each are quite soft and light (< 150g)

Readymade Series Collection [introduction]
Readymade series, is Boska's Teddies assembled fans preferences and needs,
Make a series of hand-sewn teddy collection of classic fans ~

Each individual sewing only are designers, emotes are all slightly different,
So our Proscar Teddy is unique!

One of the design concept is the teddy bear can heal the depressed mood of the owner,
No longer sad / painful / worry / fear,
So not everyone is laughing Oh Teddy,
Because they help you raging suck gone bad mood!

Taking into consideration the safety of the children to use,
Whole bears are 100% hand-sewn cotton + manual assembly,
Up to add a cloth badge, or goggles, or gauze to highlight the characteristics of each bear.

Readymade series Baby Bear are not buttons,
All are very safe material,
And super soft !!
For the children to use a bit of the buttons will not have to worry about eating Oh,
Because there is no such potentially dangerous!

[Readymade series: Teddie and Bear]
Afraid of people do not know they are bears Teddie and Bear,
Chest on behalf of their Bear badge hanging!
The children, too, hung his name famous to be good to go to class Oh ~ :-)

Teddie and Bear height of about 28cm,
Made of 100% cotton yarn (cotton yarn),
Europe Poland handmade.
Because pure handmade, ears with feet of color and expression with] photo will be slightly different Oh ~

[Recommend washing method:
1. Hand wash water temperature to 30 degrees.
2. Do not bleach
3. Do not dry clean
4. Do not iron
5. Please completely dry before use, you can use drying radiator

1. This product is not limited to the use of age, three years old, accompanied by their parents, please use
2. children before using the label removed.
3. The products are handmade, if the suture is slightly incorrect, is a normal situation, the non-defective products


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