IVxVI series of Yau [small white (the basket)] 4X6 inch hardcover with this manual


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    ➨ photo file transfer details, please point below → Design Hall of trade policy (which has detailed instructions)

    ➨ commodity description and story →
    IV x VI Series - Roman numerals (Roman Numbers) name from
    IV Representative 4, VI represents 6, also in this phase of the design of the size of Oh!

    IV x VI series is different from the alternative filled with this type of 4X6,
    * Direct mounting inside sublimation photo,
    The cover is the use of touch fabrics,
    Personally selected by our, cutting, stapling !!
    As is to show the kind of hardcover books exquisite beauty !!
    Of course - which with warm color photos, or require you to provide !!
    Any memories of old photos or a new photo, please help them find a comfortable home: ")

    MINI WORLD series of photo books cute, portable and can be shared anytime, anywhere;
    IV x VI series is to retain the traditional view size, thick hand feeling, big screen presentation !!
    Two kinds of different options, but all the same feelings with memories.

    Hand sense of the supremacy of the photo book is so born ~


    ➨ IV x VI Series - the option to purchase [blank pages] or [finished products] →

    ➨ Select [finished products], please provide photo archives 20, sent to the studio Email mailbox,
    Printed photos assembled by the studio made into a book.
    PS: by the studio into a book of this phase will be complete trilateral cutting, then it will not render the triangular toothed edges.

    ➨ choose [blank] pages, inside pages blank pages (Waterborne magic glue), after purchasing your own paste the photos.
    Please choose to use cloth or have Lengbiao treated the photo, so that it will not be too long after placing each stick Oh!
    PS: In order to facilitate customer self-adhesive photographs, solid trilateral Jieyou triangle tooth edge,
    This is the design elements of a blank page, is not defective Oh !! XD

    Inside there is a transparent release paper (left and right pages share a), so stick into the photo,
    After tear release paper, please centered by a group of two two trilateral pasted into the.
    Note: When you paste sure to leave some space for books not in the middle fold adhesive,
    Such photos had finished the book in order to fully closed !!
    As posted crooked, can then paste the same time tear positive, with a beat together after photos do not propose to tear Oh !!


    ➨ materials: linen or cotton cloth / sublimation photo / Thick card / Waterborne magic glue
    ➨ Dimensions: length 16 cm x 11.2 cm wide x 2.3 cm in thickness
    ➨ sided pages Dimensions: length 15 cm x 10.2 cm
    ➨ print the number of shots: 20 (dye-sublimation photo-printing)

    → What is * sublimation photo?!
    Sublimation printing process has been specifically designed and can print vivid color and beautiful color,
    Ensure that the colors have a level not grainy.
    There is a protective film on the photo, there are isolated air, sunlight, anti-dust, anti-fingerprint, water repellent, fade-resistant photo save 100 years !!

    ➨ Note: Avoid stains, moisture or heat exposure; cloth cover Seoul is a normal phenomenon occur batting Oh !!
    ➨ have any questions, also welcome :)
    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Made in Taiwan completely handmade
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IVxVI series of Yau [small white (the basket)] 4X6 inch hardcover with this manual

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