[Warm sun] to eat saliva cream biscuits ❥ Marian female baby models ❥ pure hand-drawn creative design gift box 8 groups**Please contact us before ordering**

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[Warm sun] to eat saliva cream biscuits ❥ Marian female baby models ❥ pure hand-drawn creative design gift box 8 groups**Please contact us before ordering**


**★ Please read the transaction policy before buying, once confirmed to order and payment to complete the transaction, as agreed to warm sun trading instructions and delivery instructions with the home, thank you ☺ order before you please contact the schedule, time can not meet the order will automatically cancel the order ★**

Warming the use of ingredients, whether it is pounds cake, Chiffon cake, floral cup cake, handmade frostbite cookies, are using the United States and Taiwan food certification and original import of specific brands, please rest assured to buy and eat!

// product description//
Hand-painted frost-shaped biscuits
Regardless of birthday party, wedding small things, small moon ceremony, saliva activities, give friends and family are very suitable for also very creative and mind
Pure natural, pure hand, never add any artificial flavor, emphasis on nature and health
With a thoughtful mood, delicate craft, carefully produced each cake, to convey a happy atmosphere to every favorite dessert friends, personally baked for you to draw your own sweet, hoping to bring you different sweets Experience

// size //
Each piece of bread about 5 to 8 cm wide

// quantity //
8 pieces (one box / group)

// raw materials //
Meilu low-gluten flour, fresh eggs, France Isigny cream, Nissan Sugar, the United States Whirlpool food color paste, the United States Whirlpool edible color pencil, protein frost powder, the British Sugar Flair edible color cream, natural fruits and vegetables Toner

// eating instructions //
At room temperature for 5 days to eat finished flavor is better (not frozen or frozen to save, the biscuits will be out of oil Oh!

// wrapping //
Each piece of cake were packaged, with food with moisture-proof package, storage no doubt.
With high pounds of kraft paper box bearing, feel the hand temperature and hand texture,
Contains warm sun fruit shop card, food and saliva benefits auspicious words that small card, red line, handwritten commemorative photo stickers
And then multi-layer anti-collision material layer protection, plus boxed delivery, the process please feel at ease

** About // warm sun. Foreign fruit shop DayLight Bakery **
**A girl who likes to do dessert + a girl who loves hand-painted design = pure hand-crafted cakes**
Combined with European-style technology, Japanese-style tastes, desktop local warmth, purely crafted every one, every cake and cookies ❤
Carrying a full mind, hoping through the hand-made temperature, unique creative skills,
Personally baked to draw your sweet, to deliver the perfect pastry to you in front of you
Every full of dessert, all contain our passion with the feelings of irrigation. So that we eat the peace of mind, happy, rest assured, careless.
Warmth has never forgotten "slow work out of fine, fine work will always be Seiko" mood made every dessert, with thoughtful mood, delicate craft, to convey happiness, warm, healthy atmosphere to every favorite dessert friends The

// Customized Order Orders //
❥ warm sun can also create your own exclusive biscuits Oh ~ welcome to contact us to discuss for you to design!
Regardless of any wedding activities, we will try to design for you beautiful and delicious custom-made frosted biscuits.
Welcome to pre-order

**★ This product is purely handmade, the color size will be slightly different, purely normal, perfect request, please consider the order of consideration. The designer has the power to cope with the design style needs to do with the biscuits model with the change**

**★ Please indicate the name of the baby in the remarks field (Chinese and English), and explain whether the biscuits need holes, thank you**

**► Continuously concerned about the idea of creation**
Support for creative design will be the driving force behind the efforts to promote dessert aesthetics
❥ FB Fans: Warm Yang Guo Dao DayLight Bakery
❥ Instagram: daylightbakery
❥ Line Life Friends: @ rok7684h


Origin / manufacturing method
Origin of Taiwan handmade


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