(Pre-Order) Eco Cup Traveling Cup Glass Good Cleaning Monocup-Cup + Lid + Bag (Set)

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The cup lid can be selected as "red, blue, black". ❗️ Please fill in the remarks column at checkout. If there is no remark, it will be shipped randomly and will not be replaced ❗. Products are made in Taiwan. Product photos are for reference only, based on actual products shipped. Monocup is a large-capacity glass made by hand. If the inner wall an



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(Pre-Order) Eco Cup Traveling Cup Glass Good Cleaning Monocup-Cup + Lid + Bag (Set)


Contents: MONOCUP cups, lids, cup bags. The cup lid can be selected as "red, blue, black", ❗️ Please fill in the remarks column at checkout. If there is no remark, it will be shipped randomly and will not be returned ❗ Each cup + lid + bag (set) sold will be given a hand slide subsidy that can be used twice. Each time it can be discounted to 120 yuan, which can be used when buying a single cup later. (Limited to 1 serving per cup) This discount is limited to the official website. [Birth of a MONOCUP] I have always wanted to have a cup that is easy to use. Whether it is milk tea, coffee or fruit acid drinks, you can use the cup without worry. No need for a dazzling appearance, just simple and generous lines, enough capacity, cup size and fiber fit, anyone can easily grasp it with one hand..., an ideal accompanying cup, whether it is walking, cycling, riding or Driving; whether in the office, gym or movie theater, in any place and season can enter our lives to meet the various needs of our drinks. With such an original intention, for the turtle team, we just gave birth to the cup that is just right in our minds-MONOCUP! ☑️ Large cup capacity 700ml With a capacity of 700ml, MONOCUP can hold most of the large hand-drinking cups on the market. Whether it is iced black tea in summer or hot cocoa in winter, MONOCUP can satisfy everyone's hand addiction. ☑️ Easy to hold and hold, the beverage clerk does not bear The wide and narrow cup body design, anyone can hold it firmly. The thick cup body is also less susceptible to damage due to minor collisions. In the fast pace of the beverage store, we are concerned about reducing the burden on the staff. ☑️ Don't worry about loading any drinks MONOCUP uses the same glass material as the environmentally friendly straws for turtles. The transparent glass body is acid-resistant, does not produce scratches and residual odors. As long as it is clean, it can be as bright as new, and any beverage can be used without any care! ☑️ The cup mouth is wide, clean zero dead angle MONOCUP wide mouth design, easy to reach into the bottom of the cup for cleaning, it is not easy to hide the dirt and dirt, and zero dead ends! ☑️ Carry zero trouble The cup body is designed to be wide at the top, narrow at the bottom, and shrinking at the bottom. The cinema cup holders and the cup holders for automobiles and motorcycles are impenetrable and unobstructed. No matter whether you are in a movie theater or gym, cycling, or driving, you don’t have to worry about MONOCUP nowhere to be placed. ! ☑️ Recycling does not downgrade Glass products have a long service life and are 100% recyclable materials. If it needs to be replaced due to damage or laceration, as long as it is recycled according to Taiwan's recycling system, it can still be used as a container again. Since the beginning of the journey, the turtles have insisted on making only non-stained glass products, so that each cycle can retain the original appearance of the glass and can be reused in a more diverse manner. ☑️ Handmade by Chunchi Glass This time, MONOCUP commissioned Taiwan’s well-known Chunchi glass factory to make each cup. Each cup was hand-made by the factory’s master. With decades of experience in glass technology, each MONOCUP gives each MONOCUP a unique vitality. 【MONOCUP Exclusive Cup Bag】 The MONOCUP exclusive cup bag was commissioned by the local factory BLR in Tainan. The material of the diving suit is good for heat insulation and ice protection! 2-section design, put on the handle to easily lift the door, after opening the ice drink is not afraid of water stains, hot drinks are not afraid of hot hands, go out, office addiction god assists! 【Monocup product specifications】 Bottle height: 17.2cm Bottle diameter: 7.4cm Bottle bottom diameter: 6.9cm Cup body capacity: 700ml Cup weight: 380g Average thickness: 0.35mm Cup lid weight: 32g 【MonocupQ&A】 Q1: Where is the production place of "MONOCUP"? A1: The "MONOCUP" cup body was commissioned by Taiwan's well-known Chunchi glass factory. The lid was made using the American brand county-line-kitchen wide-mouth lid (made in Taiwan). The cup bag was commissioned by the Tainan factory BLR. Q2: There are many kinds of materials for reusable environmental protection cups on the market. Why did you choose a glass environmental protection cup specially for turtles? A2: Different materials have different advantages and disadvantages. Of course, glass is not 100% perfect, but after many considerations, the glass environmental protection cup is most in line with the original intention of our team. The characteristics of the glass material are transparent, stable, high temperature resistance, acid resistance, and it is not easy to chemically interact with the environment and the way of use, so it can be more at ease in use. Since the beginning, for the turtles, they insist on making only non-stained glass products, so that each cycle can retain the highest recycling value of glass. Q3: Can "MONOCUP" hot drink be used? A3: Yes. Monocup can withstand heat up to 100 degrees Celsius, and hot drinks can be used with peace of mind. However, glass products should not be used in environments with large temperature differences. Q4: "MONOCUP" will be hot if it is filled with hot water? Will the water beaded with ice water? A4: "MONOCUP" special cup bags are available for purchase, "MONOCUP" special cup bag wetsuit cloth material, 2-section design, you can put up the door, you can use it as a heat insulation cover and coaster when it is disassembled, it is very convenient! Q5: Does "MONOCUP" have matching straws? Wouldn't it be long enough for the turtle glass straw? A5: "MONOCUP" can be drunk directly, and can also be matched with a straw according to personal usage habits! For the turtle straw to be 20 cm long, the "MONOCUP" cup is 17.2 cm long. With the lid, the straw will be exposed for about 0.5 cm. Q6: What is the material of the County-Line-Kitchen wide mouth cover with "MONOCUP"? A6: The cup lid is the wide-mouth lid of the American brand County Line Kitchen. It is made of PP that meets FDA standards, food grade, and does not contain bisphenol A, and can withstand high temperatures of 100°C to 140°C. The inner ring of the cap is attached with an integrally formed silicone gasket to make the sealing of the bottle mouth more secure and firm. Q7: Can the silicone gasket of the County-Line-Kitchen wide-mouth cover with "MONOCUP" be removed? A7: The County-Line-Kitchen wide mouth cover with "MONOCUP", the inner silicone gasket is removable for cleaning and replacement! Q8: Is the County-Line-Kitchen wide-mouth cover with "MONOCUP" easy to smell and mold? A8: Whether it is moldy or odorous depends on the user's cleaning status. No matter what kind of utensil you use, you must develop a habit of proper cleaning! Q9: How do you clean the County-Line-Kitchen wide-mouth cover? A9: You can use an unnecessary toothbrush to clean it. After using it for a while, you can soak the baking soda powder to keep it as bright as new. Q10: Can I choose the color of the County-Line-Kitchen wide-mouth cover? A10: "Red, blue, black" can be selected for the lid, please fill in the remarks column at checkout. Q11: How long can I request a replacement? A11: If the product is defective or damaged due to our shipping, please contact us within 7 working days after receiving the product, we will have someone to handle the replacement.


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