Bonilla a la Vista Potato Chips Original Flavor Vat 500g in Spanish Paint Bucket | Pre-Order

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Bonilla a la Vista Potato Chips Original Flavor Vat 500g in Spanish Paint Bucket | Pre-Order


**Pre-order items: Orders completed after 2021-10-15 11pm are expected to be shipped on 2021-11-05** The high-end Spanish potato chips that appeared in the Oscar-winning movie Parasitism were also introduced to Taiwan by the exclusive agent after they became popular in South Korea! The Bonilla a la Vista potato chips designated by the Michelin restaurant in Spain are praised by fans as the Hermes in the potato chip industry, showing that its flavor and quality have achieved top fashion status. The Bonilla a la Vista paint bucket potato chips imported from Spain, insist on using pure natural local ingredients-potatoes, olive oil and sea salt, without any chemical additives or flavors, very suitable for pure natural health-loving diners to enjoy, and special The outer packaging and preservation method of the paint bucket also allows the potato chips to still retain the best flavor and crispy texture during the transportation process. The most highly discussed snacks of 2021, must have! 🔸 Imported from Spain, respected as the Hermes in the potato chip industry 🔸 Only 3 kinds of ingredients are used: natural potato slices, local olive oil and flavored sea salt. Does not contain any food additives. 🔸 Suitable for vegans. 🔸 Natural potato chips that are super crispy and not greasy! 🔸 Fashion recommendation: Bazaar/Beauty/Cosmopolitan/ELLE/Foody/Marie Claire/M'INT/PopDaily/Foody Player Bonilla a la Vista is an interesting story started by a sailor named Salvador Bonilla in the harbour of Ferrol in Spain in 1932. Salvador was very eager to eat potato chips during his sea journey, but couldn't stand the potato chips on the market at that time because of the rapid dampness, softening and deterioration in the humid ocean environment. Therefore, he uses Spain’s abundant natural resources to develop the natural potato chips Bonilla a la Vista brand, which is super crispy and non-greasy, and uses the reusable and sealed preservation characteristics of the paint can to make the potato chips more crispy and refreshing. , And many gluttons have given excellent reviews. Bonilla a la Vista knows that the simpler the ingredients, the more they have to retain their original taste and flavor, and it takes a long time of experience to fully grasp the characteristics of the ingredients. Since the establishment of the brand, we have insisted on only using high-quality potatoes carefully selected locally in Spain, olive oil made from the ground and natural sea salt. Although such persistence keeps the cost high, we have insisted on high quality for many years. Make Bonilla a la Vista the first potato chips sold in a Michelin restaurant.


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It does not contain any chemical additives, flavors, and is suitable for natural and healthy gluttons! Originated from Spain, fans admire it as the Hermes of potato chips, insisting on using only three materials: carefully selected locally "high-quality potatoes", "olive oil" made purely and naturally made locally, and "sea salt" that adds natural flavors . This product is the general agent of Taiwan.


500g x 1
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