CARSULE capsule living room car expansion

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● Innovative integrated forming "closed bottom" design ● Easy installation in 3-5 minutes ● Circulating convection 2M heighten comfortable space ● Three large-scale floor-to-ceiling window screen mesh / privacy double-layer pull ● 180-degree supe



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CARSULE capsule living room car expansion

รายละเอียดสินค้า We hope to use design to make "close to nature" easier, more comfortable and more convenient Three concept appeals: 1. Simple 2. Comfort 3. Functional space ▲ Assemble the measured video; it's as simple as 3 ~ 5 minutes! ▲ The high 2M design can make the interior space spacious and free of pressure. The 180-degree super wide-angle field of view and the sunscreen and anti-ultraviolet design can make the overall space more comfortable and cool!! ▲ Functional space design can extend the space of the car outwards, allowing you to do more design and use. If you also like Vanlife (lathe world), you can also have more creativity and change the car to RV ▲ The combination mode with more space (concept of swashing gates) is suitable for both double vacations and family gatherings, and it is also suitable as a rest and dressing area for triathlon! ✪ Five Featured Designs ✪ MOGICS CARSULE hopes to liberate the sense of oppression brought by the city and become a bridge that allows you to get close to nature, so that you can easily move forward to nature at any time and create a comfortable viewing environment or a warm parent-child space, so we have designed some Time. 1. Four layers of silver glue UV-resistant cool and ventilated space ▲ UV protective coating >> Unique four-layer silver glue coating with perfect air convection design, the hot air on the upper layer can be quickly discharged to keep the interior of Carsule cool and comfortable. ▲ UV resistance measurement >> 210D polyester + unique four-layer silver glue coating UV resistance measurement Note: UV glue will be cured after UV irradiation 2. Functional double-layer 180-degree full-view screen window ▲ Design of three floor-to-ceiling screens >> In addition to overlooking the outdoor beauty, it can also prevent mosquitoes from interfering and promote air convection. The double-layer zipper design can not only block light and prevent mosquitoes but also maintain internal privacy. ▲ Wide 180-degree view of the entire landscape and four layers of silver glue UV blocking layer coupled with excellent air convection design, you can enjoy beautiful scenery without wind and sun 3. External rainproof design ▲ Because the bottom needs to be stepped on, the waterproof coefficient is strengthened to 5000mm. When facing small accidents in the mountains and forests, don't be too nervous. . 4. Flexible use of creative space ▲ Tension rope design >> In addition to the fixed role of the ceiling tension rope, you can also add some small props, such as Mogics folding lamp, USB small fan, etc. It is also OK to temporarily dry clothes !! 5. Integrated "closed bottom" design (with 4mm thick felt carpet included) ▲ One-piece closed bottom design >> It can effectively prevent rainwater and gray maggots from flowing in, and there is no need to worry about the intrusion of small insects, snakes, etc. Different from the traditional design, it can keep the interior clean and comfortable. Attached with 4mm thick felt carpet, you can feel as comfortable as your home with bare feet. ✪ Easy and quick assembly & organic multi-tasking ✪ Maneuverability, comfort and efficiency are what Carsule wants to present to everyone. In the morning on the North Coast, in the afternoon there is a beautiful view in Jinshan, but there is no cafe ... Carsule can help you create a comfortable space at any time. Therefore, we use design to improve all the efficiency of installation and storage. Quick installation and storage ▲ A few simple steps can be completed by one person in 3 ~ 5 minutes ▲ The support frame for quick storage and the simple plug connector are designed in 4 simple steps to complete storage. ▲ Storage of teaching videos >> Storage is as simple as 2 to 3 minutes! Flash people!! ▲ Round pockets for easy storage!! ▲ Patented frame structure design realizes fast assembly and stable support at the same time 2. Unique magnetic buckle fixed design canopy integrated ▲ The unique magnetic buckle design can quickly fix the connection with the car, which is insect-proof and can prevent the infiltration of rainwater. 3. Quickly increase stability and wind resistance ▲ Unique rear buckle design can quickly use the buckle to fix CARSULE to the back cover, combined with the weight of the car to increase wind resistance stability ▲ Tool-free wind rope fixed design allows you to save more time to enjoy the beauty of nature ▲ Wind resistance rating ▲ CARSULE and the car can play 120% effect, if you need to use it alone, it can be temporarily separated without problem! ▲ The more detailed design is just to make your use more time-saving, labor-saving and convenient, to help you strive for more comfort and freedom!! ▲ Please confirm if your car is suitable before buying 细节 Product details and specifications ✪ The design team has devoted a lot of thoughts to designing the details of MOGICS CARSULE. We hope that even outdoors, we can help you create a comfortable environment to make you feel at home, and I hope these subtle designs can help you create more Good memories! ! ✪ More Reality Applications ✪ ▲ Extend the space from the inside to the outside for more use!! ▲ CARSULE is just a tool with more applications, creativity and beautiful memories waiting for you to plan!! ▲ Now you have a good way to get closer and enjoy nature !! ※ After purchase, you can request the electronic manual with us Commodity standard equipment CARSULE body x1 Thick felt rug x1 Tri-fold light aluminum rod x4 Carry Backpack x1 Flower board tension rope x1 set (2) Windbreaker x4 Wind nails x4 Strong magnetic buckle chain x2 Material: 210D polyester + unique four-layer silver glue coating / aluminum alloy elastic bracket / elastic steel frame Size: 200x180x200cm (unfolded), Φ86cm and 13cm thick (storage) Weight: 9.5kg / carpet and related accessories about 2.7kg Warranty: Frame structure for one year (non-human damage) Precautions 1. Please set up in an open and flat place outdoors 2.No smoking or storage of flammable liquids in CARSULE 3. Please keep dry and clean during storage. 4. Keep away from knives and sharp objects when storing 5. Do not stack heavy objects on top when storing 6. Due to personal hygiene considerations, new products will not be accepted for exchange after use. 7. Keep products and accessories out of the reach of infants. 8. This product uses thick anti-wind pressure lines, and the pinholes at the seams are normal images. If you need to camp for a long time, it is recommended to add a sky curtain. 9. DM color or photo shooting may have some errors due to changes in light and shadow. 10. If the product copy or specification is incorrect, please refer to the actual product and the information published by the original factory. 11. Please note that the hesitation period is non-trial period. If you receive any unsatisfactory items after inspection, please do not open it for use and return it according to the return regulations.


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