Silver Ring Experience Course_Taipei Taipei Branch

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The most complete experience course, from rolling to tapping and shaping ~ not just tapping the words !!! Many exclusive styles, the most changes, the beautiful environment and exquisite small classes! Popular experience activities, warmly invite you to co
25/02/2020 (อ.
ไต้หวัน / New Taipei City
板橋車站2樓Global Mall_新北市板橋區縣民大道二段7號2樓
ก่อนเริ่มเวิร์คช็อป 10 นาที
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CHOCCY Jewelry

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Silver Ring Experience Course_Taipei Taipei Branch


**✦Choccy Jewelry physical store_Knock metal, our store is located in the old town of Hsinchu** **✦Tainan store is inside the Eslite of the 2nd floor of Nanfang Dream Times (free parking)** **✦Taipei store at Global Mall on the second floor of Banqiao Station (next to Jinshitang)** ⌚Basic Shows: 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 16:30, 18:30 **Please note in the special hours or groups of people to confirm** ——————————————————————— [Ordering FAQ] ① If you haven't made an appointment, on the same day, every other day, or at a special time, you can let us know how to check the seats. ② This form is open to the Internet. If there are more people, please contact us again. ③ Money can be exchanged on site, but only the difference will be accepted without refund. ④**Can be purchased at additional prices on site: diamond setting. Thickness and width adjustment. Style changes. Color plating. Casting into white gold, rose gold, etc.** ⑤ The gift can be modified once for free. ⑥ Please select 2 for the number of doubles, there is a discount. ⑦ Make two for one person, choose 1 for the quantity, please note. You can pay by card on site to enjoy the same discount for two people. ——————————————————————— ▶ Silver ring style (single) Elegant 1600 / Classic 2200 / Model 2700 / Multi-layer 3200 ——————————————————————— **The most complete experience course, from molding to tapping and shaping ~ not just typing for you !!!** **The style can be changed again, and the instructor will explain how to make your ring more unique.** ——————————————————————— / Elegant 1600 / Classic 2200 / Model 2700 / Multi-layer 3200 ▶ Event Information ・ Experience time / 2.5 hours, depending on site conditions ・ Date / special time can be contacted. ・ Number of people / small class teaching, one person can start the class, or one person can make multiple finished products (please note). ・ Contains / professional teaching, a piece of sterling silver materials, tools, bags, bags, warranty cards, etc. **・ Features /**__style of silver ring can be changed again to create a more unique style. The on-site lecturer will explain,__ __Add purchase service to increase uniqueness. Please make a reservation for basic styles before making an appointment.__ __Exquisite small class teaching, providing the most complete experiential teaching, not just typing words__** **This form is open to the Internet. If there are a large number of people, please contact us again.** ✔ There is public accident liability insurance in the metalworking activities ✔ Bracelet style ▶ Experience store physical store ✓ Itabashi Global Station Store ◇ Global Mall, 2nd floor, Itabashi Station 2F, No. 7, Section 2, Xianmin Avenue, Banqiao District, New Taipei City (next to Jinshitang) **The only Taiwanese five railway co-construction is convenient, you can immediately go upstairs to class when you arrive at the station** ✓ Appointment at Hsinchu Main Store ▶ Ticket details **. After purchasing the ticket, knock on the letter from the gold union to provide a proof of successful ticket purchase. No physical tickets will be sent.** **. On the day of the event, please go to the registration office and present your registration notice or order form to enter the venue.** **. If the refund is due to personal factors, a 30% handling fee will be charged.** . Cancellation notice 10 days before the departure date (excluding the departure date). After deducting the handling fee, the refund will be refunded. The handling fee varies depending on the payment method. . Cancellations will not be accepted 10 days before the departure date, and no refund will be given. . It is recommended that if you need to cancel within 10 days before the departure date, you can transfer the quota. But be sure to let us know the names and contact information of the agent participants. . If due to force majeure and other force majeure factors, Tapping Metalworking will take the initiative to contact the extension or refund. . If the participation is discontinued due to non-accountable knocking on metalworking factors, no refund will be given. . In the event of a typhoon, the standard for class suspension and refunds announced by the venue of the event is the start and refund criteria, regardless of the participant ’s location.




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